Brightline to implement inventory and reservation system

Brightline are to implement S3 Passenger, an innovative inventory, ticketing and reservation system from Siemens Mobility subsidiary Sqills.

Brightline manufacturing

Credit: Siemens Mobility

Brightline will begin implementing S3 Passenger, the inventory, ticketing and reservation system offered by Sqills, a Siemens Mobility subsidiary, beginning with revenue service connecting Orlando. Brightline currently operates in Florida between Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach with its Orlando station beginning service in 2023.  

The latest in inventory and reservation software, S3 Passenger, will support Brightline as the company scales up operations to begin long-haul service to Orlando. The new system will allow Brightline to optimally manage and maximise seat utilisation, for higher capacity and yields.

“The latest investment into our S3 passenger solution will not only enhance Brightline’s ability to deliver a high-end luxury experience, but also provide critical data analytics to make operations more efficient,” Marc Buncher, CEO of Siemens Mobility, said. “Over the past decade we’ve partnered with Brightline as they have re-envisioned rail travel in America, delivering 10 trainsets and supporting them with real-time predicative maintenance and now we’re looking forward continuing the added enhancement of ticketing and reservation management.”

“Brightline makes it easy for passengers to get on board, skip traffic, and arrive in the heart of Florida’s top destinations,” Bart van Munster, CEO for Sqills, said. “The fact that customers can easily book tickets online or through an app only further highlights the convenience public transportation can offer. Because we believe in the future of rail transport as an affordable, accessible, and more sustainable alternative to car or air travel, S3 Passenger and Brightline are perfect match.”

Brightline is designed to reinvent travel and take cars off the road by connecting city pairs and congested corridors that are too close to fly and too long to drive. The company provides fast, efficient, hospitality-driven transportation featuring the latest in the customer-friendly amenities. 

“At Brightline, we pride ourselves in reimaging train travel and the goal of our Technology and Digital Innovations team is to continuously improve upon the entire guest journey – from at home, to our stations, on board our trains, and all the way through to their final destination,” Kevin T. McAuliffe, Chief Technology Officer for Brightline, said. “Ensuring our guests have the necessary tools to travel confidently, consistently and safely is priority to our teams. The launch of S3 Passenger is a next step to make certain our guests can book their train travel with ease, access their trip details fluidly and spend all of their time enjoying the ride.”

With more than 1.2 million passengers in 2022, Brightline offers a hospitality-driven experience for its riders and a modern booking system which offers the ability to make seat selections and personalised booking choices to fit their needs.

The implementation of S3 Passenger is the latest chapter in the partnership between Siemens Mobility and Brightline. Siemens Mobility provides the Venture trainset fleet alongside proven maintenance solutions and the latest in digital monitoring and analysis to guarantee fleet availability. After VIA Rail, Brightline is the second Siemens Mobility customer in North America to invest in Sqills’ S3 Passenger.