Tesmec Rail and Škoda Group sign collaboration agreement for green solutions

Posted: 30 May 2023 | | No comments yet

Tesmec Rail have signed a collaboration agreement with Škoda Group for electrically powered traction solutions.

Tesmec Group, a leading company in the market of technologies dedicated to infrastructure (overhead, underground and railway networks) for transport of electricity, data and materials (oil and derivatives, gas and water), as well as technologies for quarrying and surface mining, with its subsidiary Tesmec Rail and Škoda Group, a leading European manufacturer of components like electric drive systems and electric motors and vehicles for public transport, have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement aimed at the technological cooperation in the sector of railway working and diagnostic vehicles to develop a worldwide state of art performing and environmentally friendly products.

The goal of Tesmec Group and Škoda Group is the sustainable mobility. This collaboration expresses the strong interest of both companies to expand their business through a regulated business partnership to create and support a new model of business based on technological development and promotion Tesmec rail vehicles equipped with Škoda electrically-powered traction solutions suitable for full electric and hybrid propulsion systems including transmission those based on an energy storage integration not only to minimise the environmental impact and for energy recovery too.

Tesmec Rail and Škoda Group customised their standard products to create an integrated green product that is competitive both on the diagnostic rail vehicle market and catenary construction and maintenance vehicles markets. The new integrated products working vehicles combined with commercial synergies and cooperation will allow both companies to strengthen their business and expand their market share in the target markets.

The Czech Group has been able to recognise in Tesmec a qualified and renowned partner able to satisfy the market requests on time and efficiently thanks to the great knowledge of the markets, the experience of their dynamics, the great skill born from the comparison with ever-changing needs. Tesmec Rail identified Škoda Group as key Player on the market, whose customisation capability, competitiveness and strong power of the brand enrich the value of cutting-edge railway solutions.

The first collaboration started in 2020 when Tesmec Rail awarded the RFI tender -Rete Ferroviaria Italiana – for the supply of n° 4 electrified railway vehicles for the diagnostic of the Italian network.

In 2022, RFI awarded Tesmec Rail for the supply of n° 44 railway vehicles with electric transmission equipped with a bimodal propulsion system; this means that the vehicles can be powered both from the contact line at 3 kV DC (Lot 1) or at 25 kV AC (Lot 2) and from a diesel engine-generator.

These first two important milestones were also reached thanks to the technological contribution of Škoda Group.

 “When we talk about the future, sustainability and innovation are the two pillars, a winning combination between technological development and compliance with environmental policies,” Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, President and CEO of Tesmec, said. “The challenge of green and sustainable technologies represents a great opportunity for an international company like Tesmec Group. There are many changes to face. Therefore, we require an accurate planning, technological curiosity and strategic collaborations such as the one with Škoda. It’s a path that we will continue to follow with ever greater conviction.”

 “It is with great pleasure that we, together with Tesmec, a major player in infrastructure technology, embark on a journey to change the transport industry,” Petr Novotný, President of Components & Bus Mobility at Škoda Group, said. “At Škoda Group, we have always been driven by innovation. We are committed to pushing the boundaries. By equipping Tesmec’s vehicles with our advanced traction equipment, we aim to redefine safety, reliability, and comfort in railway transport. This partnership is an important step in our joint efforts to provide seamless transportation solutions that have a minimal impact on environment. We also want to enhance safety on the rail and with those targets we are on the same board with Tesmec.”