LTG Cargo begin regular trips on route between Lithuania and Poland

LTG Cargo is strengthening the Kaunas-Slawkow link between Lithuania to Poland with regular intermodal cargo transportation trips.

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Credit: LTG Cargo

LTG Cargo has begun to operate regular intermodal cargo transportation trips on the route Kaunas – Slawkow. Trains have started to run back and forth in this direction twice a week. Until now, cargo was transported to the terminal in Poland only at the request of customers. Furthermore, in order to strengthen railway connections with Poland, customers will be able to transport cargo to the Pruszkow terminal located right outside Warsaw – from now on, trains on the Kaunas – Slawkow route will run with an intermediate stop near the Polish capital.

“We hear the needs of customers to reach the developed industrial regions in Poland,” Eglė Šimė, Head of LTG Cargo, said. “We ensured a regular connection on the route Kaunas – Slawkow in just six months since the first ordered trips. We are continuing the actions of diversification to the West and aim to offer our partners and customers more opportunities to use green routes. Therefore, we are adding a sustainable logistics connection to Warsaw to our service basket. We hope that regular trips and a wider geography of cargo transportation will encourage more and more customers to transfer cargo on railways and thus contribute to increasing road safety and reducing the impact of logistics on the environment.”

LTG Cargo will be the operator of intermodal cargo transportation both on the territory of Lithuania and Poland. One train trip will be able to transport up to 42 containers and 90 TEU of cargo (TEU – twenty-foot unit equivalent).

Located near Katowice, the Slavkov terminal is an important Polish broad-gauge junction where the railway lines between Lithuania and Poland as well as Ukraine and Poland connect. From this terminal, freight trains also run regularly to Schwarzheide in Germany, Madaloni in Italy, the port of Koper in Slovenia and the port of Gdańsk in Poland. On this, as well as on other intermodal routes of the company, customers transporting cargo can from now on use the Green Kilometre Calculator to independently calculate how much CO2 emissions will be saved by such transportation, compared to road transport.

The Kaunas – Pruszkw – Slawkow route is part of the European transport corridor connecting countries from Finland to Italy by railway. LTG Cargo and the subsidiary companies of the group are currently actively implementing actions of diversification to the West. Intermodal cargo is transported four times a week (back and forth) from Lithuania to Duisburg in Germany. The company also provides competitive cargo transportation services to Lithuanian customers and takes care of the transportation of agricultural and oil products between Lithuania and Ukraine.

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