Network Rail completes reliability upgrades at London railway junction

Network Rail have completed reliability upgrades at New Cross Junction, a location which controls the movement of trains in and out of London Bridge station.

New Cross track

Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail reopened New Cross Junction, which controls the movement of trains in and out of London Bridge station, as planned on 4 September following upgrade work to improve the reliability of the Junction.

Credit: Network Rail

Over a period of four weekends, Network Rail’s team of engineers replaced five sets of switches and crossings – which are the moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another, like a junction –as well as more the 1,000 yards of track, sleepers, and ballast (track stones). The work is part of Network Rail’s ongoing investment to replace ageing 1980s rail infrastructure in Kent to improve reliability for passengers.

“It’s great to see the work that has been carried out at New Cross to improve reliability for rail passengers in the Kent and South East London,” David Davidson, Network Rail’s Kent Route Director, said. “Replacing and upgrading dated 1980s infrastructure will help bring more smooth and improved journeys for passengers. The work at New Cross was quite significant as it’s a busy junction and key location on the route into London Bridge which sees thousands of passengers using it on a daily basis.”


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