ONE UK and Freightliner extend use of renewable HVO100 fuel for rail cargo

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ONE UK, in partnership with Freightliner, will extend the use of renewable HVO100 fuel for all cargo transportation via rail following a successful 6-month pilot, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

ONE UK and Freightliner extend use of renewable HVO100 fuel for rail cargo

Credit: Freightliner

Following a successful 6-month pilot programme, Ocean Network Express (ONE) UK has announced the extension of its commitment to using HVO100 fuel for all cargo transportation via rail, in partnership with Freightliner. HVO100, a 100% renewable fuel, is made from raw materials such as vegetable oils, waste-based fats and oils from the food industry. This innovative switch from conventional diesel to HVO100 can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, offering a significant environmental benefit. The fuel is fully certified, ensuring that the materials used and their origins are verified.

This new initiative is part of ONE’s green rail offering, allowing customers to purchase a carbon reduction certificate that acknowledges their efforts to lower their carbon footprint. For more information on the green offer and its implementation, customers can reach out to their local sales contacts.

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Nick Reay, Head of Operations for ONE UK, said: “ONE UK, in partnership with Freightliner, is pleased to continue the transportation of our cargo inland using rail powered by HVO100. Over our successful 6-month pilot period, we calculated that an incredible 488 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved by switching to this renewable fuel. We thank Freightliner for collaborating with us to make a greener and more sustainable supply chain as ONE continues to find innovative ways to achieve our goal of net zero by 2050.”

Clive Slayford, Commercial Director – Intermodal Logistics at Freightliner, said: “We are thrilled that ONE has chosen to roll-out HVO fuel to power their UK rail cargo journeys. At Freightliner, we are committed to proactively reducing our environmental impact and being a net zero business. Throughout our long-standing partnership, we have demonstrated our commitment to offering customers a greener alternative using HVO fuel which drastically reduces carbon emissions compared to diesel and road alternatives.”

ONE and Freightliner, who have been working together since 2018, recently announced a new 5-year contract. This contract, along with a commitment to sustainability, provides customers with seamless intermodal connections from London Gateway and the Port of Southampton to strategic locations across the UK. Both companies are highly committed to reducing their environmental impact and will continue to look for and provide sustainable solutions to the UK supply chain.

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