San Bernardino welcomes North America’s first zero-emission passenger train

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San Bernardino County celebrates the arrival of North America’s first self-powered, zero-emission passenger train, marking a significant leap in sustainable transportation.

San Bernardino welcomes North America's first zero-emission passenger train

Credit: San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) has announced that it has welcomed North America’s first self-powered, zero-emission passenger train, the Zero Emission Multiple Unit (ZEMU). Arriving at the San Bernardino Depot Train Station, this cutting-edge train represents a significant achievement in sustainable transit technology.

Developed over a decade by SBCTA, the ZEMU utilises hybrid hydrogen and battery technology, emitting only water vapour – a revolutionary approach in reducing environmental impact compared to traditional diesel-powered trains. Designed by Stadler in Switzerland, the ZEMU journeyed across continents, arriving in the U.S. after rigorous safety testing and public exhibition.

“ZEMU’s arrival in San Bernardino is a significant milestone recognising years of strategic planning for a greener rail system and a commitment to innovative transportation solutions in San Bernardino County,” SBCTA President Ray Marquez said. “I look forward to county residents and visitors riding ZEMU on the Arrow line in the coming months.”

The distinctive blue and white design of ZEMU signifies its eco-friendly propulsion system housed within the power pack unit, marking a visible shift towards sustainable transit in the region. As it undergoes final testing phases and integrates with the local Metrolink system, anticipation grows for its upcoming service launch later in 2024.

With ZEMU’s arrival, San Bernardino County paves the way for a more sustainable future in passenger rail, setting a precedent for clean transit solutions across North America.

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