The importance of open standards in transport ticketing

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On 7th May 2015, Infineon will be accompanied by Deutsche Telekom to discuss the importance of open standards for the future of transport ticketing…

On 7th May 2015, Infineon will be accompanied by Deutsche Telekom to discuss the importance of open standards for the future of transport ticketing.

Infineon-FeatureThe webinar will be available free-of-charge for anyone to watch – simply click here to register. During the webinar, registrants will be able to pose questions to the speakers from Infineon and Deutsche Telekom.

Infineon’s experience as a leading security IC provider allows them to see ahead across all chip card applications. As a market leader in transport ticketing they will be sharing their knowledge as well as identifying the major trends and challenges ahead.  This includes the need for truly open standards, the implications of the convergence of applications such as ticketing and payment to real multi-application solutions. They will present the analysis of their experience from the past decade, including key values and differentiators demanded by our customers and partners in what is becoming a more and more challenging landscape. They will look into what the past can teach us and what deciders need to consider intending to provide reliable, cost optimized systems including the needed security, performance as well as flexibility for future use cases.

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