SNCF orders a further 49 Régio2N trains from Bombardier

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Bombardier receives an order for 49 additional regional double-deck trains, as part of the “Régio2N” contract with SNCF.

Bombardier receives an order for 49 additional regional double-deck trains, as part of the “Régio2N” contract with SNCF.

Bombardier Transportation received an order for 49 additional Régio2N regional double-deck trains, as an option from the “Régio2N” contract signed with SNCF on behalf of the French Regions, on 24 February 2010.

This additional order for 49 trains, which will be financed by the Regions, amounts to approximately 350 million euros ($ 474 million US). The “Régio2N” contract signed with SNCF on 24 February 2010, foresees the production of a total maximum of 860 trains.

Including this option, six Regions ordered a total of 129 Régio2N trains and are split as follows:

  • Aquitaine Region : 24 trains
  • Bretagne Region : 17 trains
  • Centre Region : 14 trains
  • Nord-Pas de Calais Region : 18 trains
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region : 16 trains
  • Rhône-Alpes Region : 40 trains

This order will increase the production rate of Bombardier’s site in Crespin (Northern France) up to a maximum of 60 trains per year. The first deliveries will start in June 2013 as foreseen and the total of 129 trains which have been ordered to date, will be delivered by mid-2016.

Bombardier developed a new double-deck train platform especially for the Régio2N. It includes the following characteristics:

  • a modular concept to meet the Regions’ various needs in terms of suburban and intercity services;
  • wide-body cars to offer unmatched capacity and a high level of comfort;
  • an articulated architecture and wide connectors which create transparency throughout the length of the train and an increased sense of security.

2/3 This train features technical innovations in terms of reliability, availabililty, and sustainability, while generating economic benefits, like reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption. In addition to the weight reduction, the Régio2N trains are equipped with the BOMBARDIER MITRAC permanent magnet propulsion system, a main product of the BOMBARDIER ECO4 portfolio, which allows to make supplementary energy savings thanks to the improved efficiency of the motor.

These new regional double-deck trains were created by Bombardier teams in Crespin, in the Nord-Pas de Calais Region. Bombardier will also design, build and test these vehicles at the site. As the largest industrial rail site in France and a partner of the Nord-Pas de Calais Rail Competitivity Cluster, the Crespin facility has a staff of 2,000, including 500 engineers and managers. It relies upon a wide network of local suppliers and sub-contractors. Several suppliers have decided to set up their operations next to Bombardier, in the Trans Avenir industrial park, reinforcing local employment opportunities and economy.

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