Bombardier’s new locomotive maximises capacity and performance

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The TRAXX DC3 locomotive sets new standards in terms of tractive effort, energy efficiency and Last Mile support with maintenance services that minimise operational costs and maximise performance…


Bombardier Transportation officially presented its new BOMBARDIER TRAXX DC3 locomotive at their Vado Ligure site in Italy.

The presentation event enabled some of Italy’s transport operators to have an up-close look at the new locomotive entering the rail freight transportation market.   

Luigi Corradi, CEO and Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Italy, commented: “The new TRAXX DC3 represents a generational leap in the market. A state-of-the-art locomotive, able to maximise energy efficiency, ensures greater load, traction capacity and lower energy consumption. One of the locomotive’s most interesting features is its Last Mile function that offers new logistical concepts by enabling the locomotive to easily bridge non-electrified track sections often found in ports or freight terminals. This optional feature can be installed as a post-delivery upgrade.”

For greater efficiency and lower operation costs, the TRAXX DC3 has been designed around the freight industry’s latest digital maintenance solutions. Intelligent platforms based on conditional based maintenance, big data and IoT technology correlate data coming from the vehicle and rail infrastructure to monitor the vehicle’s health in real time and predict maintenance interventions, while guaranteeing maximum fleet performance and availability.

Peter Amman, Head of Global Ecosystem Freight at Bombardier Transportation, said: “We are happy to present this innovative locomotive to the Italian and global freight market. Its flexibility and our strong maintenance offering will not only reduce total cost of ownership, but also enable Italian freight operators to expand their businesses.”

Italian rail operators, Mercitalia Rail, Captrain Italy and GTS are the first to have enhanced their freight service by purchasing the new TRAXX DC3. In addition to the 190 BOMBARDIER TRAXX DC locomotives delivered, there are currently 50 vehicles at Bombardier’s Vado Ligure production site.

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