European Union Agency for Railways issues first Single Safety Certificate

Posted: 18 September 2019 | | No comments yet

The European Union Agency for Railways has delivered its first decision on the issuing of a Single Safety Certificate on the 16 September 2019.

European Railway Agency issues first single safety certificate

Josef Doppelbauer, Executive Director at European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), has signed the first decision by ERA on the issuing of a Single Safety Certificate. From the 16 June 2019, ERA has been mandated to issue single certificates which are valid in multiple European Member States. 

Thierry Breyne, Head of Unit of ERA‘s Approvals and Delivery Unit, said: “Thanks to the professionalism of all parties involved and fruitful cooperation with the applicant, ERA has managed this project under the very tight timeframe given and ahead of the deadline set by the legislation.”

ERA is currently assessing five more applicants for Single Safety Certificates for which decisions are to be expected in the coming months and it has received two pre-engagement requests. More applications are expected leading up to June 2020, when the remaining Member States will introduce the new regime. 

Josef commented: “The key challenges for ERA is to make the new procedures work as seamlessly and effectively as possible, particularly throughout the transition period until 16 June 2020. During this period there are different railway safety regimes in place. Looking at our experiences since the 16 June, I am confident we will manage.”

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