Transport for Wales uses anti-viral cleaning products to fight coronavirus

Posted: 21 April 2020 | | No comments yet

As part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, Transport for Wales has stepped up is cleaning regime to ensure the safety and well-being of key workers using their trains.

Transport for Wales cleans trains with anti-viral products to fight coronavirus

Staff at Transport for Wales (TfW) are working through the day and night in an effort to ensure trains are cleaned frequently, using the best available products whilst focusing on high contact points.

Over the past six weeks, additional cleaners have been employed to cover both the day and night shifts at train depots throughout the Wales and Borders network, as well as the deployment of extra on-board cleansers on trains.  

Leyton Powell, TfW Rail Services Safety and Assurance Director, said: “The safety and well-being of our customers – the majority of whom are key workers – is an absolute priority for us, as well as the protection of our staff who are keeping the rail network running. 

TfW's extensive cleaning to fight coronavirus“We are using an anti-viral cleaning product with a seven-day protection period, under-pinned by cleaning trains thoroughly at least every 24 hours, plus regular cleaning of major contact points such as tables, handles and anywhere where people may regularly place their hands.

“We have increased our cleaning teams to build our capacity for the additional cleaning required and provided them with the necessary equipment to stay safe themselves. As key workers they are all doing a remarkable job.”

TfW have seen a drop of 95 per cent in passenger numbers and are running 500 services daily to provide essential links for key workers and are offering free travel for NHS workers.   

Ken Skates, Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, added: “As we continue to fight this crisis, it’s really important that we provide essential travel for our key workers and Transport for Wales are doing that in very challenging circumstances. The expansion of their cleaning capabilities to ensure the safety of customers and staff is therefore welcome. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are working hard to ensure our transport network is clean, continues to function and supports the country during these difficult times.”