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Whitepaper: The Rail Control System – the Swiss way of optimising traffic management

Posted: 30 April 2017 | SBB | 1 comment

With one of the busiest rail networks in the world and a continuing expansion of railway services, Switzerland’s rail network (SBB) must tackle the challenges associated with increasing rail traffic

To do this, SBB has developed the mobility concept of the future: the Rail Control System (RCS), which improves punctuality on all routes, optimises the existing infrastructure and boosts capacity of the rail network and the frequency of services.

The RCS is a new generation of system components for innovative rail control and thanks to this digitisation, the capacity of the Swiss track network – already the most heavily used rail network in the world – can be increased by up to 30%.

The railway technology of the future enables the railway system to be used in a more efficient way. From 2025, there will be: more trains in use; denser timetables; fewer disruptions; improved radio connection; and more precise customer information in the event of a disruption The future system will therefore be even more intelligent and capable of self-learning.


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