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The railway sector is ready to deliver transport decarbonisation

6 September 2016 | By Libor Lochman, Executive Director and Ethem Pekin, Environmental Economist, CER

For Global Railway Review, CER’s Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Ethem Pekin (Environmental Economist) explain that decarbonising the transport sector remains a challenge and an opportunity for European policy makers and that low-carbon transport modes such as rail can contribute to effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


European railways at a junction

2 April 2013 | By Frank Jost, Policy Officer at the Single European Rail Area Unit, European Commission

The European Commission recently announced a comprehensive package of measures to deliver better quality and more choice in railway services in Europe. Rail is a vital part of EU transport, with a key role in addressing rising traffic demand, congestion, fuel security and decarbonisation. But many European rail markets are…


Train vs plane: Is rail the more appealing option?

20 February 2020 | By ,

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) colleagues Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Ulrich Fikar (Senior Policy Adviser – Passenger), explore how high-speed rail’s environmental credentials and the sector’s continual investments into modern technology are crucial ingredients for passengers when choosing to take the train over the plane.


Why railway transport matters to sustainability goals

11 April 2014 | By Libor Lochman, Executive Director, CER and Global Railway Review Editorial Board Member / Edward Hunter Christie, Chief Economist, CER / Ethem Pekin, Environment Economist, CER

Transport poses two major sustainability challenges: greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and dependence on imported oil. Railway transportation has very favourable characteristics on both counts, making modal shift in favour of rail a naturally attractive policy goal.