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ProRail: Motivated to reduce risk at level crossings

3 July 2020 | By

Anne Zwiers was appointed as Director of Level Crossings at ProRail in the summer of 2019; a new position aimed at infusing speed and focus into ProRail’s level crossing policy and working method. In an interview for Global Railway Review , Anne reveals the measures ProRail are taking to reduce the…


Bulgaria works hard to reduce level crossing fatalities

19 August 2014 | By

The total track length of the railway network of the Republic of Bulgaria is 6,529km and there are 790 level crossings managed by the National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) of which 140 have manual barriers, 127 have electrical barriers, 108 operate with automatic block, 274 operate with automatic devices, and…


‘Vision Zero’ and OLA improved level crossings

27 September 2008 | By Olle Mornell, Project Manager of Safety, Operational Department, Swedish Rail Administration (Banverket) and Helena Höök, Quality Controller & Strategist of Traffic Safety, Department of Operational Management, Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket)

Two severe accidents in 2004 and 2005 brought focus on the dangers of level crossings. According to ‘Vision Zero’, fatalities and severe injuries are not acceptable in the transport system. Since level crossings concern many key players, Banverket took the first steps to cooperation and Vägverket provided the OLA working…


Level Crossings and the Lorries of Doom

19 May 2016 | By Peter van der Mark

‘Ah yes, level crossings! Those locations where ill-disciplined road users interact in fascinating ways with railways…’ Regular blogger Peter Van de Mark looks at the hazards of level crossings.


Managing passive level crossings on public and private roads in Ireland

20 July 2014 | By

Railway level crossings in Ireland are managed by Iarnród Éireann – Irish Rail, the national railway infrastructure manager, and supervised by the Railway Safety Commission, the national safety and regulatory authority. Both organisations work closely with one another to advance railway safety, which they recognise as a common goal. Donal…