RB Rail AS begins public procurement for cableway components supplier

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With the goal of beginning large-scale construction works in 2021, RB Rail AS has begun the first of many public procurements of railway materials and components.

RB Rail AS begins public procurement for cableway components supplier

Credit: RB Rail AS

Rail Baltica’s joint venture, RB Rail AS, has announced the first stage of the very first public consolidated material framework procurement for the supply of the cableway components, amounting to roughly €46 million.

The public procurement will include supply of the cableway materials and components, including multi ducts, cable ducts, cable channels, manholes and other supporting components for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway main line in the Baltics.

Mark Loader, Chief Programme Officer at RB Rail AS, said: “A project of the scale of Rail Baltica provides the opportunity to achieve major benefits from carrying our procurements for common materials and components for use across the whole 870km of the railway. We are delighted to launch the first of many tenders for these consolidated procurements. We hope that suppliers will recognise the scale of this opportunity and provide strong tenders for this and upcoming tenders.”

Continuing with the next development phases, the main focus of the Rail Baltica global project in 2021 will be the start of large-scale construction works in all Baltic countries. Public procurements of railway materials and components are being prepared in the near future.

Prior to arranging the public procurement, RB Rail AS carried out a supplier market study with the purpose to gain additional insights on the main benefits from the centralised component supply, thus allowing to benefit from the economies of scale.

Head of RB Rail AS’ Procurement Department, Kristjan Piirsalu, said: “This is a significant step in the fast progressing implementation of the Rail Baltica project as part of a procurement programme for the range of materials and components to be rolled out in 2021. We expect many good proposals from across the industry and countries and believe that this is a great opportunity for suppliers, providing much needed trust into business continuity during these difficult economic times.”

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