Sustainable battery powered locomotive trialled by GB Railfreight

GB Railfreight is undertaking a three-month trial with a Class 18 Hybrid+ CBD90 diesel-battery shunting locomotive owned by Beacon Rail Leasing.

Sustainable battery powered locomotive trialled by GB Railfreight

GB Railfreight (GBRf) has taken delivery of a sustainable Class 18 hybrid+ shunting locomotive as part of a three-month trial with Beacon Rail Leasing, marking the latest expansion of its growing fleet. As the company looks towards the future of its assets, the shunting locomotive will enable low noise and zero emissions, demonstrating a clear contribution to the challenge of meeting the UK’s net zero carbon targets.

“The Class 18 hybrid+ shunting locomotive has the power to play a key role in the decarbonisation of our future fleet,” David Golding, Asset Director for GBRf, said. “Going forward, it will offer a wide range of sustainability benefits capable of significantly reducing the environmental impact of our operations.”

The locomotive was delivered to Whitemoor, where it will undergo a series of testing to understand its capabilities and performance. Manufactured by Clayton Equipment, the Class 18 is powered by an onboard battery that provides emissions-free operation where charging facilities are available, or through a regenerative braking system. When challenges with range or operation occur, an efficient onboard Stage V compliant engine can be utilised to increase the locomotives running time.

“We are very pleased to have delivered the first of our order of 15 Class 18 hybrid+ shunting locomotives,” Rob Dee, Chief Commercial Office for Beacon, said. “This locomotive will offer our customers a greener and sustainable option for railfreight operations in the UK against the backdrop of targets to reduce emissions.”

 “We are very proud to supply GB Railfreight through Beacon Rail with the Class 18 locomotive,” Clive Hannaford, Managing Director of Clayton Equipment, said. “In the fast-changing environment with decarbonisation targets, the increased demand for lower emissions, new technology, and more capacity, the Clayton Equipment Hybrid+ CBD90 will support GBRf with sustainable environmental benefits which meets their commitment to invest in new technology and provide real cost savings”.

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