Platform removal completed at Cameron Bridge

Network Rail have completed the removal of the old station platforms at Cameron Bridge, clearing the way for the next stages of track work.

Cameron Bridge Platform spoil

Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail’s work to demolish the old station platforms at Cameron Bridge is now complete. Following the successful completion of the first mile in March, and significant progress on the second mile, the removal of the old platforms of the former Cameron Bridge station has cleared the way for the next stages of track work.

The old platforms adjacent to the Diageo factory were 210 metres in length and made up from masonry and fill materials totalling approximately 5000 tonnes. Their removal was needed to clear the way for the double track railway which will reconnect Leven to the mainline rail network. The demolished platform material will be retained onsite and will be used as infill for the new Cameron bridge station platforms which is being built 200 metres to the east.

“The platform demolitions offer further evidence of the progress now being made on the delivery of the project,” Joe Mulvenna, Project Manager for the Levenmouth Rail Link Project, said. “Work is ongoing all across the route and activity is set to ramp-up even further in the coming months.”

Work has so far included 19 single track kilometres of new/reinstated railway. (Fully double tracked railway), two new modern accessible stations, and the electrification of the line. The investment value of the project is £116.6 million, and the programme is scheduled to complete in Spring 2024.

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