Step-free Access Work at Anniesland Station

Posted: 16 October 2023 | | No comments yet

Major work providing step-free access at Anniesland station began last week, traffic management controls have been introduced.

Major work providing step-free access to and from Anniesland station began last week. This has closed the footpath underneath the railway bridge, parking bays, and the inside eastbound lane of Great Western Road. The work is due to finish in 2024.

Network Rail will install two new lifts on Great Western Road at street level. These improvements will ensure accessibility to the platforms for those with impaired mobility and those travelling with luggage, children, or bicycles.

This work is part of the government programme, Access for All, implemented across the UK. Network Rail’s role is to introduce an unobstructed, accessible route from station entrance to each platform and between platforms, served by passenger trains. This is within the current infrastructure framework.

There will be some temporary changes in the meantime, but the existing footbridge and steps up to each platform will remain.

“We’re really pleased to be making these important access improvements at Anniesland station,” Amanda Naughton, scheme project manager for Network Rail, said.

The Department for Transport in Scotland have funded six schemes in the Access for All programme. Croy and Johnstone were completed in 2022, and work at Port Glasgow is currently underway.

“The proximity of the railway and platforms to the road means we’re working in such a restricted space. Closing the footpath and part of the road is the only way we can work safely and with enough room for the necessary equipment,” Naughton added.

Network Rail have worked with Glasgow City Council to make sure the traffic and pedestrian management is safe. Likewise, Anniesland residents observed the plans at an information session in the summer.