Flex Rail Services Orders EuroDual Locomotive from ELP

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Flex Rail Services GmbH have ordered a EuroDual locomotive from ELP, as part of a ten year lease, committing to efficiency.

European Loc Pool (ELP) have announced the signing of a contract for another EuroDual locomotive with Flex Rail Services GmbH.

European Loc Pool focuses on innovative six-axle hybrid locomotives. These have a power output of up to 2.8 MW diesel, 9 MW electric and a traction capacity of 500 kN. As standard, all vehicles contain ETCS Baseline 3 for Level 2 operations. The first ELP EuroDual locomotives have been in service on the German rail network since April 2020. They enable operation on electrified and non-electrified lines as well as load-mile and shunting operations. All dual locomotives contain radio remote control.

The signing of the 10-year lease agreement significantly strengthens the partnership between the two companies. Flex has already gained excellent experience with ELP’s EuroDual locomotive, which has been in operation at Flex since August 2023.

The EuroDual is a six-axle hybrid locomotive, ideal for the “first and last mile.” It can transport very heavy loads and boasts up to 2.8 MW under diesel power and up to 6.2 MW under electric power.

“We see the versatility of the EuroDual locomotive as a clear advantage. It opens new opportunities for a wide range of tasks in freight transportation,” Jan Habraneck, CEO of Flex Rail Services, stated. “The immense flexibility of this locomotive and the option to increase train capacities are crucial factors for us.”

The choice of the EuroDual locomotive reflects Flex’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency in the transportation sector. This focus on sustainability and efficiency is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the railway system. Flex is working to lessen the use of diesel locomotives, attractive to customers.

Flex primarily focuses on spot traffic, which demands a high level of flexibility. In this regard, the EuroDual locomotive stands as the market leader – a true multitasker. It is therefore irreplaceable and unbeatable,” says Willem Goosen, CEO of European Loc Pool.

“In addition to the procurement of the locomotive, which we couldn’t handle alone, the locomotive’s availability is of paramount importance. ELP has already taken a leading role in this regard by ensuring unprecedented availability, which is of immeasurable value to us,” Jan Habraneck said, highlighting the availability of the locomotive. The delivery of the second EuroDual locomotive to Flex is scheduled for January 2025.

From mid-2023, the second generation of ELP’s dual locomotives, the Euro9000, were put into service as a hybrid multi-system electric locomotive designed for use in all European corridors. As the “launching customer,” European Loc Pool ordered the first ten Euro9000 locomotives from Stadler in May 2019. Train companies in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland will use the first version with 1.9 MW of diesel and 9 MW of electric power at 500 kN tractive effort. Subsequently, this will expand the locomotive’s area of operation to other countries and corridors.

This is part of ELP’s commitment to sustainability, using advanced technology to reduce their environmental impact while improving operational performance.

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