Stadler select Nomad for NSB’s new “FLIRT” trains

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NOMAD Digital has signed a £1.5m contract with STADLER to equip 50 new FLIRT trains with its high speed broadband communications system.

NOMAD Digital has signed a £1.5m contract with Swiss train manufacturer STADLER to equip 50 new FLIRT trains with its high speed broadband communications system for Norway’s national passenger rail company NSB. This is the first time that Nomad’s technology has been an integral part of a new build and represents a landmark for the world’s leading provider of train broadband solutions.

UK specialist Nomad already provides its solution to Norges Statsbaner with services on its existing trains including passenger internet access and onboard entertainment. A number of innovative applications will be included on the new fleet of Stadler ‘FLIRT’ electric trains. NSB will use the system to monitor energy usage, whilst Stadler will use the Nomad solution to monitor on-train systems to support on-going maintenance.

Nomad’s system provides a seamless broadband connection of up to 5MB per second allowing a moving train to switch between a number of different Norwegian mobile operators. This combination is ideal for Norway with its fluctuating mobile network coverage and extensive tunnelled tracks.

NSB passengers are able to access a portal page for real time journey and key destination information. The portal also offers a sophisticated passenger information system, access to the internet, as well as entertainment such as films, games and music.

The 50 trains represent the largest purchase of new trains – to meet growing passenger numbers – ever made by NSB. Half the new trains will be used in the Oslo area for journey times of up to 90 minutes and the rest will be deployed in Southern Norway for journeys of up to three hours.

Nomad’s Nigel Wallbridge said: “This deal with Stadler and NSB represents another breakthrough for Nomad Digital. We are delighted to be an integral part of a new build train. NSB is a train operator that has a clear policy of using IP data connections to the train for many purposes. Not only do we offer a range of sophisticated passenger service options but NSB also makes savings on energy usage, maintenance turnaround times and downtime.

“Also, incorporating the installation of our system into the manufacture of a train minimises any possible inconvenience to the operator and can be done within a train’s original warranty.’’

Kjell-Arthur Abrahamsen, Project Manager at NSB said “NSB have evaluated a wide range of suppliers in the market before we concluded that the Nomad was the best overall. In particular, we emphasize Nomads expertise to deliver forward-looking solutions based on standardized components.”

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