The first new trains in £500 million northern investment are unveiled

Posted: 8 October 2018 | | 1 comment

Northern rail passengers to benefit from state-of-the-art trains with new on-board features, more seats and quicker travel times.


A current Northern Rail Arriva train travelling near Wigan

Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry, has unveiled the first brand new trains set to transform journeys across the north as part of a £500 million investment for Northern Rail passengers.

A total of 98 brand new diesel and electric trains will be rolled out across the Northern network, which spans the North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber and parts of the East Midlands.

Replacing outdated Pacer trains, the introduction of the new vehicles is in addition to the refurbishment and modernisation of all other trains on the network.

The government’s ongoing multi-billion pound investment in the north will make journeys quicker, more reliable and more comfortable.

Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry, said: “These spacious, comfortable and modern new trains are a clear demonstration of both the government and train operators commitment to the Northern Powerhouse. We are investing in the biggest modernisation of our rail network since Victorian times and over the next few months we will see these brand new, state-of-the-art trains replace the out-dated Pacer trains, providing more seats and better journeys for passengers across the Northern Powerhouse.”

The new Class 195 diesel trains and 331 electric trains were built by CAF in Spain. They were delivered to Northern during summer 2018 and have been going through testing since then.

Northern’s Managing Director, David Brown, said: “I was lucky enough to see the trains in production in Spain earlier in 2018, but it’s even better to see them here in Liverpool – just weeks away from entering passenger service. The quality of what has been delivered is a real landmark for Northern and our customers, now it only remains for us to share these fantastic new trains with our customers, so that they can experience the comfort and the benefits all the new on-board features bring.”

In addition, the government is investing £13 billion through to 2020 to transform transport across the north – the biggest investment any government has ever made.

One response to “The first new trains in £500 million northern investment are unveiled”

  1. Ron Lake says:

    Why is this stock being built in Spain, when we had the best facilities here in UK? It has been said that the build was less expensive in Spain, but that is only because Spain received subsidies from the EU, money which WE were forced to pay them.

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