RSSB opens up affiliate opportunities for international rail organisations

Posted: 2 April 2020 | | No comments yet

Through research, standards and analysis, Britain’s Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) is helping its international affiliates deliver a better, safer railway.

Britain's RSSB opens up affiliate opportunities for international rail organisations

Across the globe the rail industry faces significant challenges. Growth in passenger and freight traffic tests our railways to achieve and maintain higher performance under pressure. In the years ahead there will be bigger commercial and technological challenges to rail, including the need to increase capacity and customer satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing cost and carbon – all while retaining the right level of safety.

The many different organisations that play a part in the railways are all connected and dependent on one another through legal duties, contracts, procurement, relationships and operation.

Britain’s Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) says that working in isolation is not an option, and by being part of the RSSB world, rail companies are better able to collaborate, to help shape solutions to issues of concern to them and to benefit from the positive results and efficiencies.

Opening up opportunities

Due to unprecedented demand, RSSB have now opened up the opportunity for any organisation to join RSSB through its Affiliation. This is ideal for rail businesses and organisations outside the UK.

Affiliation means RSSB can be an extension of your organisation, providing exclusive access to over 350 of the sector’s leading engineers, analysists, sustainability and human factors specialists. RSSB’s products are designed to help organisations in the rail industry become safer and more sustainable for passengers, the workforce and the wider public, while reducing risk and cost.

In the last 20 years, RSSB has prided itself on a positive track record in bringing industry together to solve complex issues and provide the headspace for collaboration leading to improvements for industry. Their unique independent position also means they can give clear and honest advice based on an objective assessment of the data, analysis, research and findings that we produce.

Join RSSB as an affiliate

Affiliation is ideal for:

  • Overseas railway companies and administrations
  • Agencies and bodies that support rail
  • Any organisation seeking to formalise a mutually beneficial relationship with RSSB,

By becoming an Affiliate, RSSB can act as your critical friend enabling you to address both your immediate and long-term challenges so that everyone can benefit from better safety, sustainability and service, and reduced cost and risk.

For more information on RSSB Affiliation please contact: Chris Leech MBE, Membership Development Manager ([email protected])