The strategic importance of telecommunications in the rail industry

Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect at Nomad Digital, talks to Craig Waters, Editor of Global Railway Review, about the function of telecommunications in the railway industry and the importance of modernising and improving the reliability and resilience of rail telecoms.

The function of telecommunications within railway organisations, although not new, is becoming increasingly important, especially with the continuation of rail becoming more digital with traffic management and monitoring of assets and passenger connectivity – and so much more.

In this interview, Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect at Nomad Digital, explores how railway telecoms has entered a critical era.

Jeremy says: “This is because rail operators have strategies for digital trains, the digital railway, the benefits that digitising services bring to you in terms of efficiency of operation, knowledge of operation, and insight into the way that the operations work. The greater the data that is collected at the forefront, the greater the need for throughput back to a central source.

“What we are seeing is an accelerated push now for connectivity in the rail environment, which is driving a lot of these new applications. It’s an enabler for the new applications that are coming forward. So it’s a really exciting time actually to be part of this.”

Watch the video interview above or on the Global Railway Review YouTube channel link now.

Jeremy is Nomad Digital‘s Chief Architect and has been with the company since 2014, and has responsibility for the architecture of Nomad Digital’s range of innovative technological solutions for the marketplace. Jeremy has over 25 years of experience in designing telecommunications networks for major service providers and critical national infrastructure in the transportation market, including safety-critical systems for road-based traffic control and railway signalling. Notably, he was the named architect with the British government for the £500 million National Roads Telecommunications Services project. Jeremy has held several senior positions at Vice President level with prominent telecommunications companies, including Alcatel Lucent and Newbridge Networks and has designed and deployed  projects across the world. Jeremy is a Chartered Engineer, has a degree in Engineering as well as a post-graduate in Business Administration.

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