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DB’s continual programme of investments and developments

11 April 2012 | By Craig Waters, Editor, Global Railway Review

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) was founded in 1994 and is now one of the world’s leading passenger and logistics companies. Operating in 130 countries, approximately 290,000 employees, of which about 190,000 are located in Germany, are committed to ensuring that customers are provided with effective and efficient mobility and…


DB Netze weathers the economic crisis

26 March 2009 | By John Gough, Railway Industry Expert

Rail industry expert John Gough describes the role of DB Netze in the upgrading of the German rail network, despite the challenges of the economic crisis.


DB to add 1,000km to the high-speed network

28 May 2008 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor, Global Railway Review

In a recent presentation from Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Feldwisch of DB Netz AG given at the UIC High-Speed show in Amsterdam, ambitious plans for enlarging the German high-speed network were explained.


DB’s experience with Y-steel sleepers

8 April 2008 | By Andreas Beck and Thomas Hempe, Specialists in Track Technology Management, DB Netz AG

Permanent way is required to absorb the static and dynamic forces resulting in vertical (z), lateral (y), and longitudinal (x) directions from railway traffic loads, to effectively distribute them, and to transfer them into the sub-grade at reduced magnitudes. Superimposed on these external forces are additional internal forces arising from…


The DB Netz operational ‘boom’ continues

3 April 2007 | By Dr. Volker Kefer, Chairman of the Board of Management for DB Netz AG

In an interview for the Global Railway Review, Dr. Volker Kefer, Chairman of the Board of Management for DB Netz AG, explains the companies operational techniques and also discusses future development plans to ensure that DB Netz AG is a company that performs successfully.


ProNetz – a new strategy that cares

3 April 2007 | By Oliver Kraft, Head of Network Investments, Long-Distance and Conurbation Networks on the Board of Management, DB Netz AG

DB Netz AG is responsible for the entire track infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn. The track network, which encompasses more than 34,000km, is the longest in all of Europe. It is presently used by approximately 350 rail transportation companies. There are approximately 39,000 train movements each day in combined passenger and…


Current GSM-R situation in Germany

3 April 2007 | By Klaus Müller, Project Manager of GSM-R, DB Netz AG

In 2005, Deutsche Bahn AG became the first transport undertaking in Europe to implement the new standard for digital train radio on the GSM-R system platform (Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail). DB AG is thus pioneering the technological transition from the older analogue communications facilities to the new…


Crucial breakdown repairs at DB Netz AG

3 April 2007 | By Klaus Stahl, Manager of Process Maintenance, DB Netz AG

Ensuring efficient breakdown repair management for DB Netz AG means the guarantee of availability of the track system around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Creating sustainable quality for railway infrastructures

3 April 2006 | By Wolfgang Scherz, Maintenance Director, DB Netz AG

Competition on Germany’s railways is working. In the time that Deutsche Bahn AG has been in existence there have never been as many train operating companies using the network as there are now. Never before have so many train-path kilometres been worked. Germany is a front-runner as regards the opening…


Technology for maintenance works

3 April 2006 | By

The increasing change in traffic towards rail, the opening of the market in European railway traffic and the increasing responsibility for providers of railways make heavy demands on the quality and the availability of the rail infrastructure. Effective and efficient maintenance concepts are sought after more than ever. New ways,…