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Whitepaper: Wireless train-to-ground communication

Posted: 6 June 2016 | | No comments yet

This white paper explores the impact wireless is having on train-to-ground systems, including Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), Passenger Information System (PIS) and Surveillance Video (CCTV).

As the European Commission (EC) implements its initiatives around developing a competitive European transport system to combat its dependency on imported oil and reducing its carbon footprint, it has turned its attention to dramatically improving its rail transport infrastructure across Europe by 2050.

In doing so, rail transport has become very competitive and rail operators are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from one another. The primary differentiating factor is around improving service-oriented activities through the deployment of applications that provide a greater level of service to its passengers, while improving operator capacity.

This whitepaper contains a detailed train-to-ground application which provides the reader with the framework of wireless implementation coupled by a detailed wireless product overview from Hirschmann – a leading networking technology company specialising in transport wireless infrastructures.


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