Amtrak completes $71.2 million capacity project between Wilmington and Newark

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The project involved the installation of 1.5 miles of a new, electrified main line third track, enabling Amtrak to eliminate a previous two track bottleneck.

Amtrak complete $71.2 million capacity project between Wilmington and Newark

Credit: Amtrak - Pictured from left to right: Stephen Gardner, Amtrak President; Bill Flynn, Amtrak CEO; Senator Tom Carper; Leslie Richards, SEPTA General Manager; and Senator Chris Coons at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Delaware third track.

Amtrak, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) have recently completed a $71.2 million project to increase capacity between Wilmington and Newark, Delaware, on the Northeast Corridor.

This project, which represents a major infrastructure expansion project in the Northeast Corridor, included: The installation of 1.5 miles of a new, electrified main line third track between Ragan and Yard interlockings; bridge replacement; and other improvements, eliminating a previous two track bottleneck. The change will result in improved on-time performance, reduction in delays and overall improvement in this section of railroad.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper, ranking member on the Environment and Public Works Committee and a frequent Amtrak rider, said: “This project is nearly 20 years in the making, and I am thrilled that we are finally going to reap the benefits of improved, more reliable rail service along the Northeast Corridor. We must continue to improve our nation’s transportation infrastructure in a way that promotes multi-modal transportation and takes cars off the road, for the sake of safety, congestion and our environment. This project is a great example of a good public investment that benefits passengers, drivers, the air we breathe and promotes improvements to rail service in the future.”

U.S. Senator Chris Coons said: “This year started as one of the best for Amtrak and, while ridership is down, the completion of this project and removal of a significant bottleneck will mean more commuter and intercity trains can use the Northeast Corridor and increase the potential volume of rail service through Delaware. Our transportation system and passenger rail network desperately need additional investment and a focus on building the infrastructure we deserve. This project is an example of how we can make much-needed infrastructure upgrades, and I am grateful for the investments that Amtrak has made in Delaware, along with the federal government and state, to make this project possible.”

U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester said: “As a regular Amtrak rider myself, I know the importance of a reliable and consistent Northeast Corridor. Delawareans have come to rely on Amtrak and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) as a primary transportation option, whether for work or for leisure, and this project to help reduce delays and improve on-time performance will help continue to bolster rail travel in the First State. I want to commend all of the hard work done by DelDOT and the Delaware Transit Corporation to make this project possible.”

Bill Flynn, CEO of Amtrak, said: “The completion of this project marks an important rail capacity expansion milestone on the Northeast Corridor, resolving bottlenecks which previously constrained SEPTA and Amtrak from operating service at maximum capacity. As we anticipate the return of pre-COVID-19 ridership growth, it is vital that we have the proper infrastructure in place to support a higher capacity railroad.”

The project developed as a shared benefit investment as part of a 2011 agreement between DTC and Amtrak and was funded using Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grants issued to DTC, along with Amtrak funds.

In addition to the successful completion of this important project, Amtrak continues to invest in its infrastructure and, during 2020, has installed over 69,000 new railroad ties, over 30 miles of new continuous welded rail and completed over 220 track miles of track surfacing on its owned and maintained lines in the Northeast Corridor and Michigan, aimed at ensuring a smoother and safe ride for customers.

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