Rail User Weekly Survey launched to track passenger satisfaction in Great Britain

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Results from the new Transport Focus survey reveal that almost nine in 10 rail passengers across Great Britain were satisfied with their last journey.

Rail User Weekly Survey launched to track passenger satisfaction in Great Britain

Transport Focus’ Rail User Weekly Survey has launched today (22 October 2021) which tracks passenger satisfaction week by week as passengers across Great Britain return to rail travel.

Passengers rated how satisfied they were with their overall journey, the punctuality of their service, the value for money of their ticket and a number of COVID-19-related measures.

The survey found:

  • 88 per cent of rail passengers were satisfied with their overall journey
  • Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of passengers were satisfied with value for money of the ticket
  • Passengers were most satisfied with the time their journey was scheduled to take at 90 per cent
  • Passengers were least satisfied with the number of people wearing face coverings at 51 per cent
  • 85 per cent of passengers were satisfied with how punctual their train was
  • 13 per cent were actively dissatisfied with the level of crowding on their train journey.

Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of the independent watchdog, Transport Focus, said: “As we emerge from the pandemic and passengers return to the railway it’s vital that they get a good service. Operators must continue to focus on delivering a reliable service which delivers on their key priorities – a punctual, reliable, clean train, with enough room to sit and stand and value for money fares.”

Transport Focus will obtain the views of approximately 500 rail passengers each week.

The weekly survey is intended to provide regular feedback from passengers about the journeys they have made by train. The survey will provide further insight as more passengers start to travel, in advance of a new rail passenger experience survey launching in 2022.

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