Metro do Porto’s Yellow Line extension highlights advanced signalling systems

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The recent inauguration of Metro do Porto’s Yellow Line extension features advanced signalling systems by Alstom, enhancing the efficiency and safety of Oporto’s light rail network.

Metro do Porto's Yellow Line extension highlights advanced signalling systems

Credit: Alstom

The recent inauguration of Metro do Porto’s Yellow Line extension showcases the deployment of advanced railway signalling systems, enhancing the efficiency and safety of Oporto’s light rail network. This extension, which stretches from Santo Ovídio to Vila d’Este, includes three new stations – one of which is underground – along a 3.1km route featuring a 500m viaduct and a 1km tunnel.

Central to this development is the state-of-the-art signalling system provided by Alstom. The system includes a cutting-edge interlocking solution that allows for real-time monitoring of vehicles, significantly improving operational safety and reliability. This technology aligns with the existing signalling infrastructure already in service on the Metro do Porto network, ensuring seamless integration and consistent performance across the entire system.

David Torres, Managing Director of Alstom Portugal, said: “Alstom and Metro do Porto maintain a close and long-term partnership, with the purpose of improving the mobility and comfort of passengers in the City of Oporto. From our engineering facilities in Maia, we develop and maintain signalling projects and digital mobility technologies for the Portuguese and international markets, and the inauguration of the expansion of the Yellow Line is further proof of our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility in Portugal.”

The signalling systems in place include Automatic Train Protection (ATP), which is designed to prevent collisions and ensure trains operate within safe speed limits. This system is critical for maintaining the high safety standards expected in modern urban transit networks. The ATP system has been implemented across more than 1,500km of the Portuguese rail network and is installed on over 500 on-board units, highlighting its widespread application and reliability.

Alstom has also supplied Metro do Porto with 102 trains equipped with these advanced signalling systems, ensuring that the entire fleet operates efficiently and safely. The technology used in these systems reflects over three decades of experience in urban signalling, with a global footprint that includes more than 190 metro lines in over 32 countries.

The successful implementation of these advanced signalling systems in the Yellow Line extension underscores the continuous evolution and modernisation of Oporto’s transit infrastructure. It marks a significant step forward in the city’s efforts to provide safe, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions for its residents and visitors.

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