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Atlantic Corridor: More capacity, higher performance, better information

31 January 2017 | By Eduardo Borges Pires, Director of Infraestruturas de Portugal’s Mobility and Clients Department

The aim of Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 of 22 September 2010 is to improve the efficiency of rail freight transportation relative to other modes of transport through the creation of nine European rail freight corridors. Here Eduardo Borges Pires, Director of Infraestruturas de Portugal’s Mobility and Clients Department, provides an…


The Portuguese Railway: 160 years and 160 more

14 December 2016 | By Mario Fernandes, Road and Rail Planning Director, Infraestruturas de Portugal

Mario Fernandes, Road and Rail Planning Director at Infraestruturas de Portugal, looks back at 160 years of the Portuguese railway and discusses future plans and goals.


PFP: The Portuguese railway cluster

6 September 2016 | By José Carlos Clemente, Head of International Technology Development at IP – Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA.

In 2015 eight Portuguese companies working in the railway sector decided to join forces to form the Portuguese Railway Platform (Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa – PFP) with one belief in mind: that working together is more productive. In this article José Carlos Clemente, Head of International Technology Development at IP –…


The strategy for Portuguese railways 2014-2050

1 October 2015 | By António Ramalho, CEO of Infraestruturas de Portugal

Infraestruturas de Portugal, the State-owned company established from the recent merging of REFER, E.P.E.,(railways administrator) and EP-Estradas de Portugal, E.P., (road administrator), both former public infrastructure managers, is putting together an ambitious programme to expand and modernise the rail network in Portugal, supported by EU funds, with a total investment…


The migration path towards ERTMS in Portugal

3 December 2014 | By Jose P. Neves, REFER Telecom and Fernando Vendas, REFER Engineering

Interoperability has become a key word in the European transport policy, with the aim of improving transport services. The application/renewal of signalling and telecommunication systems in the Portuguese railway network will follow this legal requirement and migrate to the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Jose P. Neves from…


Portuguese rail network developments: Challenges and opportunities

18 September 2014 | By António Viana – Director of Strategy and Network Development at REFER

Portugal was affected by the international economic and financial crisis, like the majority of European countries, which determined the request for external help in 2011 and materialised with the Economic and Financial Assistance’s Programme. This context involved a change of strategy regarding public investment in transport infrastructures which became effective…


Strong commitment from the Spanish rail industry

26 September 2013 | By Pedro Fortea, Director, MAFEX

As the result of a strong commitment to research and development, the Spanish rail industry has made available to the international market a modern fleet of rolling stock vehicles for all kinds of transportation for both passengers and goods, plus the offering of skilled train maintenance services as well as…


Power quality (and monitoring) in railway systems

26 September 2013 | By Marco Filipe Santos, Head of the Catenary and Electric Traction Department, REFER Engineering S.A

Electrical compatibility between fixed installations and rolling stock, at power supply level, is paramount when dealing with power quality, system availability and reliability. This article addresses power quality and power quality monitoring on alternate current 25 kV electrification systems, focused on overvoltages generated by near resonance frequency harmonics. Theoretical background…


Promoting the internationalisation of Spanish railway technology

19 September 2012 | By Enrique Verdeguer Puig, CEO, Adif

Since my appointment as CEO of Adif, one of my main strategic priorities has been to drive forward the internationalisation of Spanish railway technology and its companies, and to reinforce the ‘Spanish Brand’ on an international basis. By doing so, the international activity of Adif must be, and is, an…


CP – an attractive transport brand with a clear future focus

19 September 2012 | By José Salomão Coelho Benoliel, Chairman, CP

The Portuguese Government recently decided to lease the suburban railway services of Lisbon and Oporto to the private sector, according its Strategic Plan for Transports, approved by the Council of Ministers Resolution Nº 45/2011 of 13 October 2011. The Government intends to define the model for the new private sector,…


FBSIC – an innovative tool based on GIS technology

19 September 2012 | By Luís Mata, CEO, Ferbritas

Railway infrastructure managers and operators are huge property owners, managing important railway facility and infrastructure territories. Due to the historical background of the railway industry, valuable real estate assets can be found, and there are certain regulations concerned with urban and suburban environments associated with railway lines, stations, logistic terminals…


Three new connections in the Portuguese network

10 December 2010 | By Romeu Costa Reis, Member of the Board, REFER EPE

In 2010, REFER EPE – the Portuguese rail infrastructure manager – opens three new connections of great importance for the rail network in Portugal. Three investments in the Main Network, considered as priorities in the Strategic Guidelines for the Railway Sector established by the Portuguese Government in 2006, include the…