KiwiRail announces major milestones in Auckland’s electric rail expansion

Posted: 4 July 2024 | | No comments yet

KiwiRail announces successful integration of advanced signalling and energisation of new overhead electric lines, marking substantial progress in Auckland’s electric rail expansion.

KiwiRail announces major milestones in Auckland's electric rail expansion

Credit: City Rail Link

KiwiRail has recently announced significant milestones in Auckland’s electric rail expansion. The developments include the successful integration of advanced signalling systems and the energisation of new overhead electric lines, both crucial components of enhancing the city’s public transportation infrastructure.

The integration of state-of-the-art signalling systems along the City Rail Link route represents a substantial leap forward in ensuring safe and efficient train operations throughout Auckland. Key locations such as Morningside, Newmarket and Britomart now feature updated signalling infrastructure, laying the groundwork for upcoming testing and training phases within the tunnels beneath Auckland’s central business district.

In parallel, KiwiRail has successfully powered up new overhead electric lines between Papakura and Pukekohe. This milestone is pivotal in extending electric train services to Pukekohe, offering residents and commuters a cleaner, more sustainable transportation option while bolstering the reliability and efficiency of Auckland’s rail network.

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Andre Lovatt, KiwiRail’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, said: “We still have a huge scope of work to get done to be ready for City Rail Link, both to integrate new systems and deliver complex upgrade projects across the network. We know it is frustrating, but as we continue with further integration work there will be a risk of some disruption. All of the work we are doing now takes us closer to rail being easier, better connected and more reliable for Aucklanders.”

Sean Sweeney, Chief Executive of City Rail Link (CRL), said: “CRL also wants to thank the public for their patience and support – this weekend was a critical step towards completion of the project. It has helped bring the finish line and all the benefits a completed CRL will give Aucklanders that much closer.” 

Looking forward, KiwiRail remains focused on further integrating new systems and delivering complex upgrade projects across Auckland’s rail network. These efforts aim to enhance service reliability, connectivity and sustainability, reaffirming KiwiRail’s commitment to building a more efficient and accessible public transport system for Aucklanders.