Lineas supports development of 12 new rail freight destinations

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Lineas and North Sea Port are working together to significantly expand the volume of rail freight with 12 new rail connections to the European hinterland.

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A new rail connection between Interface Terminal Ghent and the Lineas Main Hub in Antwerp will allow cargo to be shipped via the international rail network of Lineas. The 12 new destinations are: Madrid, Granollers (Barcelona) and Tarragona (Spain); Hendaye (France); Schkopau (Germany); Lovosice (Czech Republic); Curtici (Romania); Malmö (Sweden); Milan (Italy); Wels and Vienna (Austria); and Basel (Switzerland). Parts of these rail connections are supported by the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works as well as North Sea Port.

Goods are unloaded and loaded at the Interface Terminal Ghent at Kluizendok. This unique four-modal container terminal (sea shipping, inland shipping, rail and road transport) has 750-metre triple rail lines to receive trains. Trains then travel to Antwerp where they connect to the Lineas European rail network. Several logistics and distribution companies operate in the area of the terminal and Kluizendok. Interface Terminal Ghent also has a short-sea connection to the United Kingdom where I-Motion Shipping sails to Hull three times a week.

Sam Bruynseels, CCO of Lineas, said: “We are proud to be a strategic partner of a thriving port company that is increasingly focusing on rail development. The connection between Ghent and Antwerp provides an opportunity for companies to transfer more volumes by rail to the European hinterland every day via our Green Xpress Network. It is our intention to increase the frequency in the coming period, so that in the long-term we can establish direct connections between Ghent and European destinations.”

Currently, approximately 7.7 million tonnes of goods are brought in and out of North Sea Port by rail each year which accounts for nearly 10 per cent of transport to and from the hinterland.

Daan Schalck, North Sea Port CEO, said: “For many companies these 12 extra destinations offer opportunities to transport goods to the hinterland by rail. Many quays and business parks in North Sea Port include rail tracks and track bundles. It is our aim to further increase rail transport. These 12 new destinations are a good contribution.”

Multimodality is one of the most important assets that North Sea Port offers companies to set up business in the cross-border port area. Its strategic location on the North Sea up to 32 kilometres inland, makes the port accessible via rail and via coastal shipping, sea shipping, inland shipping, pipeline and by road. This means that North Sea Port is always looking for new destinations in the hinterland.

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