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Responding to innovation for future success

10 August 2017 | By

Philippe Citroën, Director General of UNIFE – the Association of the European Rail Industry – discusses recent developments within the sector and considers the impact passenger demand will have on operations in the future.


SYSTRA Group continues to flourish

27 April 2010 | By Systra

The SYSTRA Group finished 2009 with an increased turnover for the fourth consecutive year, up from 241.3 million euros in 2008 to 252.6 million euros in 2009, an increase of 4.7%.


ERTMS: offering an end-to-end solution to all transport organisations

3 December 2008 | By Robert Sarfati, Director Consultant at SYSTRA, Chairman of the UIC ERTMS/GSM-R Operators Group and Chairman of ETSI Technical Committee for Rail Telecommunications

GSM-R is the bearer for ERTMS/ETCS, the European Train Control System, gradually introducing a true intelligent traffic management system all over the railway lines in Europe. This global system is now extending to several countries worldwide as a recognised operating system.


Achieving a successful GSM-R radio plan

1 August 2008 | By Robert Sarfati, Chairman of the UIC ERTMS/GSM-R Operators Group and Director Consultant in charge of ERTMS Systems, SYSTRA and Lovan Pushparatnam, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, SYSTRA

Railways across Europe and in other parts of the world are replacing their analogue operational radio communications networks by a digital system called GSM-R. This is an enhanced version of the hugely successful public cellular radio standard, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) which has additional features to meet the…


Consultancies help out on major projects

28 July 2006 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

Consultancy practices have an important role in providing technical expertise for railway projects around the globe. Historically, Europe’s big state railways were self-sufficient. All the engineering skills were on hand in-house: when a new project was sanctioned by the government, the state railway would generally be able to design and…