Q&A with Antonio Tresca, Trenitalia: High-speed rail in Italy

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In this video interview, Antonio Tresca, Head of Customer Service and Direct Sales High-Speed Trains at Trenitalia, spoke to Global Railway Review about the differences between Trenitalia’s high-speed trains and what onboard amenities are on offer, plus making high-speed rail accessible for all.

At the UIC’s High-Speed Congress in March 2023, Global Railway Review interviewed Antonio Tresca, Head of Customer Service and Direct Sales High-Speed Trains at Trenitalia to understand more about how Italy’s high-speed rail network compares to those found in other countries in Europe, what amenities are available onboard Trenitalia’s high-speed trains and the main differences between their Frecciarossa and Frecciargento train services, the plans in place at Trenitalia to ensure an improved passenger experience for all in the future, and the importance of making high-speed train travel more attractive to encourage people to stop using their cars and instead take the train.

Antonio is an experienced railway manager and digital expert with a strong economic background and innovation mindset. He has meaningful experience in marketing strategies, operations and customer service at both strategic and field level to allow a very deep vision about transformation and innovation in the rail transportation industry.

Watch the video interview above or on the Global Railway Review YouTube channel link now.

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