The Swiss way to capacity optimisation for traffic management

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23 August 2017

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23 August 2017

SBB Webinar: The swiss way to capacity optimization for Traffic Management


We shape the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected. The Swiss are world champions in rail travel. Every day, some 10,000 trains travel on SBB’s more than 3,000-kilometre-long track network, bringing 1.21 million people to their destination. SBB also transports 205,000 tonnes of freight on its railways every day. These impressive figures are unmatched anywhere in the world. Managing such vast volumes day after day is no mean feat. The continued expansion of railway services and the growing demand for freight transport services are leading to ever greater traffic density.

To enable it to control rail traffic safely, punctually and efficiently, SBB has developed its own Rail Control System (RCS) for train dispatching and monitoring. A range of applications can be added on to RCS, making it well equipped to deal with present and future challenges. RCS-Dispo is the leading dispatching software in Switzerland – it’s not just SBB that relies on it, but BLS and SOB too. In late 2016, the Belgian rail infrastructure operator Infrabel also successfully switched over to RCS-Dispo.


Daniel Achermann, Senior Expert on Traffic Management Systems, SBBDaniel Achermann
Senior Expert on Traffic Management Systems

Daniel Achermann completed a professional apprenticeship as station manager with a focus on traffic management and graduated from the School for Transport and Communication. Professionally active in the rail industry in various fields of operations and traffic management, member of the RCS project team and subproject manager in the Rail Operating Centres programme of SBB. He furthermore engaged in the development and the implementation of an integrated rail operating centre in the UK. Current activities include the stakeholder management, the benchmarking programme and the third market activities for infrastructure operations at SBB.

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