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Constructing and launching high-speed lines in Poland

4 April 2010 | By Jan Raczyński, Director of High-Speed Lines Office, PKP Polish Railway Lines

In recent years there has been considerable growth in high-speed rail. In many countries, the development of a high-speed rail system plays a key role in economic development and it is treated as an element to improve prosperity considering the great value of public procurement and increased attractiveness of the…


Italo: Increasing its high-speed rail market share with quality services

5 August 2014 | By Paolo Ripa, Chief Commercial and Operation Officer at Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV)

Despite the economic crisis, the high-speed rail market is currently experiencing a positive trend compared with other modalities – i.e. air, road, and long-distance ‘traditional’ rail, etc. In fact, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) evolution in Italy has been unhealthy during the last two years: -1.8% in 2013 and -2.4% in…


Industry experts comment on global high-speed rail development

11 May 2023 | By

The development of high-speed rail has made significant progress worldwide, providing faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation options. As technology advances and more countries invest in high-speed rail infrastructure, the potential for further expansion and integration of global high-speed rail networks becomes increasingly promising.


Neopul in high-speed rail – the 350km/h journey

26 September 2009 | By Sergio Alexandre Malaghães Tormenta, Railway Electrification Department Manager, Neopul

Neopul, in conjunction with two Spanish companies, has won the contract for the project to build a new high-speed railway line in Spain between Barcelona and the French border. To this end, a joint venture has been formed in which Neopul has a 38.25% stake. The project consists of the…


High-Speed Rail supplement

18 September 2014 | By

In our latest free-to-view High-Speed Supplement, Libor Lochman, Executive Director at the CER discusses what’s next for this area in Europe, Andrew McNaughton, Technical Director for HS2 covers what’s important for high-speed rail passengers, Alexander Misharin, VP at Russian Railways discusses developments, plus members of ADIF’s high-speed maintenance section provide…


Belgian high-speed: project completion in sight

6 February 2007 | By Jean Marie Raviart, Director General of Infrastructure, Infrabel

Belgium, at the heart of Europe’s railway network, is a key link in what is to become a vast interoperable network of high-speed lines covering Europe. Infrabel intends to take every advantage of the opportunities this will offer. The high-speed line between Brussels and the Dutch border will be put…


High-speed rail: Helping to shape the railways of tomorrow in Britain

3 December 2014 | By Jim Steer, Greengauge 21

In January 2006, when Greengauge 211 was launched, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) in the UK was incomplete, and there was no expectation that it would be followed by further high-speed lines. For Global Railway Review, Jim Steer – Director of Greengauge 21 – the not-for-profit organisation established to…


HSL-Zuid: high-speed importance

8 April 2008 | By Dietmar Wegner, RAMS Manager, Industry Sector, Mobility Division, Siemens AG

European cities are linked by an increasing amount of high-speed transport routes that satisfy growing demand for mobility. Ecological and economical/political aspects are also of immense importance to the expansion of the European high-speed transport network. The Netherlands’ connection to the high-speed network takes Europe another step closer to a…


The future of high-speed rail in Sweden

1 October 2015 | By Stefan Engdahl, Director of Market and Planning at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

Within a foreseeable future, Sweden will have its first high-speed railway, writes Stefan Engdahl, Director of Market and Planning at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). After years of discussions and investigations, there is now wide majority support for a large investment, which also includes new housing and improved public transport.…


Developing high-speed rail transport in Russia

4 August 2010 | By Vladimir Yakunin, President, Russian Railways

The changing economic situation in Russia, and the increase in business and transport activity among the country’s population in recent years, served as an incentive to draw up the Programme for the Development of High-Speed and Very High-Speed Transport, as part of the Strategy for Developing Rail Transport in the…


High-speed rail in Turkey: Vision 2023

6 November 2020 | By

Despite underinvestment in Turkey’s rail development in the past, Kamuran Yazıcı, Director General and Chairman of the Board of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş, explains that there is now a focus on transforming high-speed rail in the country, with the goal of constructing an additional 5,500km of high-speed and rapid rail lines…


The perpetual growth of high-speed rail development

3 November 2020 | By

With currently 11,693km of high-speed lines under construction around the world, Marc Guigon, Passenger Director at the International Union of Railways (UIC), takes a look at the progress made so far across the sector and what opportunities lie ahead for high-speed rail in the future.


Developing a sustainable Spanish high-speed rail network

9 December 2015 | By Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, President, Adif

On 29 September 2015, after the completion of a new section of high-speed line to the North of Spain, between the cities of Valladolid and Leon, Adif achieved another milestone by expanding Spain’s high-speed rail network by 166 new kilometres. Adif’s President, Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, provides more details about the…


High-Speed supplement

4 October 2013 | By

In this High-Speed supplement: The potential of high-speed rail: CER’s perspective; Thalys: a model of highspeed mobility; HS2: building a connected Britain; Putting into service the Albacete to Alicante high-speed section...