Signalling & Telecoms supplement 2014

Posted: 13 February 2014 | | 1 comment

Read an exclusive interview with Karel Vinck – the European Commission’s European Coordinator for ERTMS, an article about Norway’s ERTMS plans from Jernbaneverket’s Project Manager Eivind Skorstad, plus an article about recent GSM-R achievements and its evolution from Dan Mandoc at the UIC…

Signalling & Telecommunications supplement 1 2014
  • An interview with Karel Vinck, European Coordinator for ERTMS, European Commission
    ERTMS – the European Rail Traffic Management System – is a key project being implemented across Europe which aims at replacing the different national train control and command systems. ERTMS provides not only interoperability (which is the main European objective), but it also has social, environmental and economic benefits. Furthermore, ERTMS will help to achieve a much safer rail network. Major train accidents that have occurred over recent years, like the train crash close to Santiago de Compostela in 2013, are the types of events that the ERTMS system is designed to prevent. In an exclusive interview with Craig Waters – Editor of Global Railway Review, Karel Vinck – the European Commission’s European Coordinator for ERTMS, talks about recent developments, the importance of improving cross-border connections, and the considerable advantages that ERTMS brings to the railway sector…
  • Norway’s ERTMS plans are on track
    Eivind Skorstad, ERTMS Project Manager, Jernbaneverket
    An ERTMS-wind is blowing across Norway. After years of preparation the first test track is now equipped with an ERTMS Level 2 system. By 2030, more than 4,000km of railway in Norway will be fully upgraded…
  • GSM-R achievements and evolution
    Dan Mandoc, UIC Project Manager – GSM-R and Chairman of the European Radio Implementation Group (ERIG) / Robert Sarfati, Chairman, UIC ERTMS/GSM-R Operators Group
    2013 was a busy year for GSM-R. System implementation in Europe is progressing well with very few European railways left that have not reached at least one of the implementation stages. New tenders in Slovenia and Hungary have successfully been finalised and GSM-R continues its expansion worldwide including, among others, Turkey, Morocco, India and Australia. This article will focus on GSM-R frequency interferences, the introduction of GPRS as the ETCS bearer, and the evolution of GSM-R towards IP…
  • Show Preview: UIC ERTMS World Conference 2014

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