NS showcases its Intercity Next Generation train in Rotterdam

Posted: 8 July 2022 | | No comments yet

The Intercity Next Generation (ICNG) trains for NS, the Dutch national railway operator, will be able to reach maximum speeds of 200km/h and will be introduced to the network before the end of 2022.

The Coradia Stream ICNG train on display at Rotterdam Central Station.

The Coradia Stream ICNG train on display at Rotterdam Central Station. Credit: Alstom

Alstom is supplying NS with 79 Coradia Stream ICNG train, sparking a new era for the Netherlands’ travelling public.

The trainsets benefit from the latest innovations and high comfort of Alstom’s Coradia Stream family, which is a huge success throughout Europe with almost 900 trains already ordered in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands.

Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 200km/h, the first trains are expected to run on the Dutch national network before the end of 2022, and 20 additional Coradia Stream ICNG trains, which will also be able to run in Belgium, have already been ordered by NS.

The ICNG trains are extremely comfortable and are integrated with the latest technologies, plus offer an excellent on-board experience to passengers. The trains feature spacious and well-lit multi-purpose areas for reading, resting, wheelchairs and bicycles, as well as dedicated restrooms for people with reduced mobility. Passengers with reduced mobility can really enjoy travelling with the same comfort as other passengers thanks to the design of these new trains. Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, numerous charging options for mobile phones and laptops, as well as LED reading lamps also contribute to an outstanding travel experience.

ICNG train interior

Interior of the ICNG train. Credit: Alstom

The ICNG trains meet the highest standards for interoperability and are equipped with European (ERTMS) signalling systems. This allows tighter, denser and more energy-saving driving through digitally predictive signalling and driving commands, which increases the efficiency and reliability of transport, especially on highly frequented lines. With a smoother rail service overall, passengers can look forward to more frequent and safe connections.

Bernard Belvaux, Managing Director of Alstom Benelux, said: “The Coradia Stream are successful because they offer highly reliable, energy efficient, safe and comfortable transport for passengers. They also have an impressive availability rate of over 97 per cent and are easy to maintain. We are proud that NS chose Alstom to help it transform rail transport across the Netherlands, and have no doubt that our trains will make a significant difference for Dutch travellers.”

The Coradia Stream ICNG train is also equipped with a modern traction system that allows regenerative braking, where the motion of the train is harnessed to power the brakes, which can save as much as 35 per cent of a train’s energy consumption, not to mention saving on wear-and-tear on train wheels. Thanks to improved aero-acoustic design, the use of components with reduced noise emission and bogies with pneumatic suspension, the ICNG train also reduces inside and outside noise, which contributes to both environmental protection and improved passenger comfort.