TransPennine Express highlights gender diversity in rail industry

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TransPennine Express showcases significant strides in gender diversity within the rail sector, boasting nearly a quarter of its engineering team comprised of women and exceeding national averages.

TransPennine Express highlights gender diversity in rail industry

Credit: TransPennine Express

TransPennine Express (TPE) has announced that it is making strides towards gender diversity within its engineering ranks, with nearly a quarter of its fleet and engineering team now comprised of women. This figure exceeds the national average for female representation in the UK rail industry, which stands at 16.5%.

Bushra Khan, Head of Engineering at TPE, said: “While we are well ahead of the curve, we want to continue to empower and inspire more women to join us in the rail industry. It’s really important that women get into these roles so there is more representation which reflects the communities we serve.”

TPE’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and providing a supportive environment for women in engineering reflects broader efforts within the industry to create more inclusive workplaces.

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Caitlin Gent, who transitioned from aspiring to be a weapons engineer in the Royal Navy to her current role as assistant commercial engineer at TPE, said: “Even though I’m in a traditionally male dominated environment, I have always felt supported. It is important to raise awareness of the different roles in engineering for women. It could be anything from working in a diesel depot, to being in an office dealing with data.”

Similarly, Leeanne Matuszczyk, a fleet maintenance planner based in Manchester, shared her journey from the RAF to the rail industry, stating, “It’s a very diverse job and there is something for everyone, no matter your personality, no matter your skills, there is something for you in the rail industry. There’s always someone around to support you and to help you succeed.”

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