Dutch transport company awards train maintenance contract

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The Dutch public transport company Syntus has awarded Stadler the contract for the maintenance of 16 Stadler FLIRT, prompting the company to invest in a new depot in Hengelo, Overijssel.

Stadler FLIRT maintenance contract

Stadler will be responsible for the maintenance of the Stadler FLIRT electrical low-floor multiple units (which Syntus ordered in January 2016) from 2017 to 2032. The vehicles are currently being tested between Amersfoort and Zwolle, and will operate in regional transport on the line that runs between Zwolle and Kampen/Enschede.

Commercial operation will begin in December 2017 at which point, Stadler Service Netherlands will take over every aspect of maintenance.

In order to ensure high availability of the vehicle fleet throughout the entire year, Stadler is building a new depot in Hengelo where they will employ a five-person staff. All of the maintenance will be performed by Stadler employees who are familiar with the vehicles and can ensure that the work is completed quickly and cost-effectively.

The nine three-car and seven four-car 1.5 kV FLIRT multiple units for Syntus offer exceptional comfort thanks to pneumatic suspension, an inviting seating arrangement and the HVAC system. The vehicles can reach a top speed of 160km/h.

The FLIRT is a tried and tested, modern and efficient train for successful deployment in public transport.

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