Texas high-speed train recognised among top global infrastructure projects

Posted: 8 March 2019 | | No comments yet

The Texas high-speed train project has been named among the top global infrastructure projects by infrastructure advocacy group CG/LA in its 2019 Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Report.

texas high-speed train

Texas high-speed train rendering. Credit:

Designed to identify projects with the most potential opportunity in the upcoming year, the CG/LA reports select those with widespread benefits and strategic importance in 30 targeted counties.

Texas Central CEO, Carlos Aguilar, said: “The Texas train is a transformational project that is generating attention and excitement among infrastructure experts who recognise it as a catalyst for creating jobs, boosting the economy and providing a much-needed transportation choice. We are ushering in a new industry, backed by an international team of partners, creating local jobs, and we are proud to be recognised among some of the most important infrastructure projects in the world.”

Furthermore, on a national level, CG/LA ranked the Houston-to-North Texas line as one of America’s most important projects.

The project team

Several industry leaders have been brought on board by Texas Central to oversee the project: International railway company RENFE is the train’s operating partner; multinational firm Salini Impregilo – operating in the U.S. market with The Lane Construction Corporation – is leading the civil construction consortium that will build the train; and Bechtel, with operational headquarters in Houston, is on Texas Central’s project management services team.

Workforce diversity

In addition to seamless, safe and convenient travel between the fourth and fifth largest economies in the United States, the Texas high-speed train project is estimated to create 10,000 direct jobs for each year of construction and support 1,500 full-time jobs when operational.

Texas Central and its partners are committed to workforce diversity and recruiting contractors, subcontractors and employees from local job markets, universities, community colleges and workforce organisations for construction of the project and its maintenance and operation.

Furthermore, they will be collaborating to create opportunities for small, minority, women, rural and veteran-owned businesses. These local companies will benefit from construction work, such as building the system and maintenance facilities, supplying materials and providing long-term support for Texas’ newest high-tech industry.

The first true high-speed train in the United States

The project is transformational not only because it will be the first true high-speed train in the United States, but also because it is financed by investors. It is not a government project and will not use federal grants or state appropriations. In 2018, CG/LA recognised the Texas high-speed train project in its Strategic 100 North American Infrastructure Report, calling it a crucial option “in advancing public and business interests.” The projects are “game changers,” the report said, important “for job creation, business development, long-term investment and the critical inputs that citizens demand, mobility and health, along with opportunities.”

Serving passenger demand

The 200mph Texas high-speed train will link the nation’s fourth and fifth largest economies in 90 minutes, stopping mid-way in the Brazos Valley which has approximately 80,000 college students. The train will help relieve congestion and serve the demand already there and growing, including 50,000 super-commuters now making the Houston-North Texas trip regularly.