Passengers on ÖBB trains continue to be very satisfied

Posted: 21 August 2019 | | No comments yet

Passengers have yet again awarded ÖBB ‘very good’ and ‘good’ ratings when asked about the services provided by the operator and ranked safety and punctuality very highly.

Passengers on ÖBB trains continue to be very satisfied

ÖBB have released the results of their passenger surveys which saw the train operator rated “good” on certain aspects of the service, specifically employees, cleanliness, the ease of use of the app and ticket machines. The survey also revealed that 36 per cent of Austrian passengers have travelled more often than they did in the previous 12 months.

Employees rated “very good”

On a scale from one to five, ÖBB customers considered personal advice, friendliness and helpfulness to be “very good”, as were the train attendants. The quality of information and ease of use of the online timetable information was also considered to be “very good” by passengers. Moreover, from the results of the survey it was found that safety and punctuality remain high priorities to the travelling public. 

Cleanliness, the app and ticket machines

The surveyed passengers also rated the ÖBB app taking into account the quality of information, the ease of ticket purchase and the seat reservation process. The results showed that from the results from previous years, ÖBB have improved the service they offer. 

Additionally, the cleanliness of the trains was considered to be “good” by passengers, yet another increase in the results of the survey from 2018. Passengers rated cleanliness outside of the train to be “very good”  better (grade 2.01), than in the previous year (grade 2.05). The same applies to the cleanliness at the stations which were rated “very good”, while the cleanliness of seating areas was considered to be “good”. 


Within the survey results there were some area which we considered to require improvements. The major one was the frequency of connections and connections to trains and buses, as well as urban transport. ÖBB has assured passengers that it “is working intensively with the federal and state authorities as well as international partners on optimising them to make public transport even more attractive.”

Travellers feel safe at the train stations

ÖBB continues to take measures at the stations in order to significantly increase the sense of security for passengers. These include, for example, the transformation of non-accessible areas to be brighter with the use of almost 7,000 cameras and 925 emergency call facilities. These are yet another area where ÖBB has seen an increase in satisfaction from 2018.