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Foreword: Providing a firstclass service in the heart of Europe

12 February 2014 | By François Bausch, Minister for Sustainable Development & Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Since its last elections which took place in October 2013, Luxembourg has a new government and I am very happy to be in charge of Infrastructure, Sustainable Development and Mobility. As a matter of fact, sustainable development is a significant factor of the Luxembourgish governmental programme and we will take…


Luxembourg: Diversification and collaboration essential for success

12 February 2014 | By Marc Polini, Chief Executive Officer, CFL cargo

Since its creation in October 2006, CFL cargo has focused development on its strategic position at the heart of Europe. In December of the same year, even before the liberalisation of the European rail freight market, CFL cargo moved beyond the borders of Luxembourg by launching a transport of coils…


Luxembourg’s strong position…

15 February 2011 | By Claude Wiseler, Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Transportation by rail plays a critical role in the economic and social development and is instrumental in sustainable development policy making. It is also a key factor in environmental preservation and in the improvement of the quality of life of citizens. The governmental programme of 2009 foresees concrete measures in…


CFL: the railway network in the centre of Europe

15 February 2011 | By Alex Kremer, CEO, CFL

Strategically placed in the centre of Europe, Luxembourg’s railway network attracts, through the combined efforts of CFL and its freight subsidiaries CFL cargo and CFL Multimodal, important quantities of both passenger and freight traffic. Concerning freight transport, Luxembourg was no stranger to the effects the financial crisis had on the…


A double carriageway between Pétange and Luxembourg

29 January 2008 | By Alex Kremer, Director General, CFL

In 2002, the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport collaborated with CFL to work out a public transport strategy called ‘mobilité’. The document, or plan, included details about development projects of public transport infrastructure and included in particular plans to develop the existing railway line between Pétange and Luxembourg into a dual…


Attack is the best form of defence

6 February 2007 | By Alex Kremer, Director General, CFL

Operating a small rail network has its moments. Instead of being forced to go after huge parts of the European market to maintain competitiveness and thus being expected to operate a fleet of thousands of locomotives and coaches, a comparatively small railway company, such as CFL, enjoys the luxury of…


Catching up…

2 March 2005 | By Alex Kremer, Director General, CFL

In every recent statistic about wealth and world markets, Luxembourg can be found in the top slot of GDP per capita listings, making Luxembourgers, at least in theory, somewhat wealthy people. As can be expected from this statistic, individual transportation is at an all-time high. This, in combination with Luxembourg’s…