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Fourth Railway Package (4RP)


The Fourth Railway Package (4RP) is a set of changes to rail transport regulation in European Union (EU) law, covering standards and authorisation for rolling stock; workforce skills; independent management of infrastructure; and the liberalisation of domestic passenger services in an attempt to reduce European rail subsidies.


Establishing a new safety culture for European railways

28 November 2019 | By ,

Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Enno Wiebe (Technical Director) of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) write that further concentration and common understanding is required to agree on a single and comprehensive model for a rail safety culture in Europe, but explain that to achieve this will…


In-Depth Focus: Rail Traffic Management Systems

25 November 2019 | By

The development of rail traffic management systems are bringing considerable benefits to the railway sector, boosting international freight and passenger transport. Read on to find out how Slovenia and Norway are modernising their networks, an overview of the recent amendment of the CCS TSI, and the challenges related to evolving…


Review of the ERTMS European Deployment Plan

2 March 2017 | By

In order to achieve a sustainable and competitive European railway network, three conditions must be fulfilled: removal of the bottlenecks on the infrastructure; harmonisation of operational and authorisation rules throughout Europe; and implementation of ERTMS. In order to accelerate this latter objective, Karel Vinck was appointed by the European Commission…


Technical pillar agreement reached on Fourth Railway Package

19 June 2015 | By Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Global Railway Review

The Latvian Presidency of the European Council has reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on updates to three sections of existing legislation within the technical pillar of the Fourth Railway Package.


Progress made on EC Fourth Railway Package

10 June 2015 | By Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Global Railway Review

The EU Transport Council will meet on the 11 June to discuss progress made on the European Commission’s Fourth Railway Package.