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Trenitalia improves rolling stock maintenance using big data

25 July 2016 | By

Rolling stock maintenance is an expensive and critical process for a railway company. Trenitalia has managed to make it more effective by using a dynamic maintenance system which combines the Internet of Things (IoT) with analytics and in-memory computing. For Global Railway Review, Trenitalia’s CIO, Danilo Gismondi, shares the details…

Innovation the key to competition on Italy’s railways

25 July 2016 | By Andrea Giuricin, Strategic Advisor for NTV

The rail industry is constantly faced with new challenges. Until recently rail was considered an ‘old industry’ due to a lack of innovation, but modern digital and sharing cultures are now giving way to new opportunities in the rail sector. As Andrea Giuricin, Strategic Advisor for NTV, explains; Italy is…

Track Systems: A breakthrough in failsafe track switching

25 July 2016 | By ,

It is no secret that railway track switches – which have worked the same way for over 200 years – face stubborn reliability issues and costly maintenance bills. The signalling, detection and locking systems built into and around switches can slow things down and significantly reduce network capacity.


14 July 2016 | By Michael Robson, Managing Director, Robsons' International Railway Consultancy

Michael Robson of Robsons' International Railway Consultancy provides an overview of DESTinationRAIL, a Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers funded by the EU Horizon 2020 initiative.

Life at both ends of the ‘Chunnel’

12 July 2016 | By Eurotunnel

Video: Follow the daily work of two Eurotunnel employees who help provide a vital link for those travelling to and from France and Europe.

EULYNX: A route to standardisation

9 July 2016 | By

The EULYNX1 initiative (European Imitative to Linking Interlocking Systems) was set up by 10 infrastructure managers when the 7th Framework Programme project INESS2 was coming to an end. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed and the project began with eight members. Frans Heijnen, EULYNX Project Manager, explains more about…

The death of the tangerine ticket may not be so smart

7 July 2016 | By Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Global Railway Review

Richard Farmer of BemroseBooth Paragon - a supplier of transport tickets - looks at the future of the tangerine ticket and questions the readiness and speed of a move towards smart ticketing. Global Railway Review puts his comments to ITSO…

Signalling developments in Slovenia

5 July 2016 | By

In September 2007 the Republic of Slovenia adopted the National Implementation Plan for TSI Control, Management, and Signalisation in accordance with EU regulations. This included the definition of the scope and schedule for the installation of ETCS and GSM-R devices on the Slovenian rail network. For European Railway Review Jože…

Infrabel’s recent ETCS milestones

2 July 2016 | By

Over the past six months, Belgian railway infrastructure manager Infrabel has achieved two ETCS-related milestones – commissioning the longest ETCS railway line on the conventional rail network in Europe and jointly hosting the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference. In an interview with European Railway Review, Infrabel CEO Luc Lallemand takes…