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Noise & Vibrations supplement

9 December 2015 | By

In our latest free-to-view Noise & Vibrations Supplement, Roll2Rail colleagues Adam Mirza and Eulalia Peris cover how the research project can lay the foundations for quieter railways, plus there’s a technical article about vibrational accelerated long life and shock tests on Eurotunnel’s pagoda structures...

The PWI: a catalyst for rail industry improvement

9 December 2015 | By David Packer, CEO, Permanent Way Institution (PWI)

The Permanent Way Institution (PWI) is the UK professional engineering institution for rail infrastructure engineers. At the heart of its recent strategic review was answering the question ‘What is the role of a professional engineering institution in the 21st century?’ PWI CEO, David Packer, explains more...

Delivering the Digital Railway

9 December 2015 | By Jerry England, Group Digital Railway Director at Network Rail

Jerry England is Group Digital Railway Director at Network Rail where he leads the rail industry programme seeking to accelerate the digital enablement of rail transport. Here he explains that to modernise the UK’s railway network, creating a national strategy for digital capacity is needed which will lead to more…

How Britain’s new ‘workshop on wheels’ will revolutionise track maintenance

9 December 2015 | By Craig Mathys, Programme Manager at Network Rail

Over the next five years, Network Rail will spend and invest £38 billion as part of its Railway Upgrade Plan to deliver better, faster, greener services, and improved punctuality, reliability and safety, while simultaneously keeping the railway open to enable four and a half million journeys to take place, every…

GTR – a railway franchise formed to transform passenger services

9 December 2015 | By Charles Horton, Chief Executive Officer, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR)

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) is now Britain’s biggest rail franchise – carrying 237 million passenger journeys a year and earning the Department for Transport (DfT) £1.3 billion in annual passenger revenue. Operating over 3,200 services every weekday, plus managing 236 stations and including 6,800 staff, the business oversees four different…

Motivated and determined to deliver Crossrail

9 December 2015 | By Chris Enoch, Crossrail Railway Systems Project Manager

How is construction progressing on Crossrail – Europe’s biggest infrastructure project? Chris Enoch, Crossrail Railway Systems Project Manager gives Global Railway Review an update on works and what’s next for the ambitious £14.8 billion rail project to build a new east-west railway across London and the South East.

Liberalising the European rail passenger market: The British experience

9 December 2015 | By Chris Nash and Andrew Smith from the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds

Chris Nash and Andrew Smith from the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds take a look at how Britain has coped with rail passenger liberalisation, what has happened to rail demand and costs, plus what possible solutions there might be to the problems experienced...

European mixed traffic: High-tech solutions to optimise performance and LCC

9 December 2015 | By Craig Waters, Editor of Global Railway Review

In an interview with Craig Waters, Editor of Global Railway Review, Dieter Fritz, Chief Executive Officer of voestalpine VAE GmbH and Frederick Kübler, Chief Sales Officer of voestalpine Schienen GmbH, discuss the customer-beneficial synergies between the group’s rail and turnout businesses, plus their future expectations with regard to European market…

Developing a sustainable Spanish high-speed rail network

9 December 2015 | By Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, President, Adif

On 29 September 2015, after the completion of a new section of high-speed line to the North of Spain, between the cities of Valladolid and Leon, Adif achieved another milestone by expanding Spain’s high-speed rail network by 166 new kilometres. Adif’s President, Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, provides more details about the…

Laying the foundations for a quieter railway

8 December 2015 | By ,

Roll2Rail1, a large collaborative railway research project has begun its investigation into addressing future noise challenges outlined in the Shift2Rail2 Master Plan. The work will focus on developing rolling noise separation techniques that will help explain, describe and control the different physical mechanisms that contribute to rolling noise during the…

New technology enhances customer communication on the Overground

8 December 2015 | By London Overground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL)

This year has seen London Overground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL) develop and rollout a series of technology-led innovations that will enhance passenger communications by improving the availability, accessibility and accuracy of information for frontline staff. In this article, Matthew Bromley, Customer Service Project Manager at LOROL, outlines these innovations which…

Zaugg snow blower for the Swedish iron ore railway

7 December 2015 | By

Approximately 27 million tonnes of iron ore are transported annually on the iron ore railway between Luleå (Sweden) and Narvik (Norway) – part of which runs north of the Arctic Circle. Rail operations must also be guaranteed in the winter months in order to transport these quantities. The existing snow…

Helping to improve GB rail winter operations

7 December 2015 | By

The members of the UK’s RSSB (the Rail Safety and Standards Board) include infrastructure companies, train and freight operators, rolling stock owners and suppliers to the industry. Head of the Delivery, Research and Standards Department at the RSSB, Jane Dobson, explains what the organisation is doing to help this industry…

Hope for the best but plan for the worst

6 December 2015 | By

London Overground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL) operates the Overground service in London on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), running five different fleet types. As LOROL’s Fleet Engineering and Asset Manager Martin Beable explains, winter preparation is vital, especially for an operator with a diverse portfolio of rolling stock, and…

Winter preparations for the Swedish railways

5 December 2015 | By

Trafikverket – the Swedish Transport Administration – is prioritising winter maintenance so that rail transport runs punctually, even during harsh conditions. Trafikverket’s Spokesman for Railway Winter Services, Stefan Jonsson, explains there needs to be a high level of preparedness and knowledge to be able to handle the effects of the…