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Making rapid and good progress on the three phases of HS2

15 September 2016 | By

In his annual update of HS2 developments for European Railway Review, Chief Engineer and Technical Director Professor Andrew McNaughton this time covers progress made to the project’s three phases including details about amendments to the Bill such as a revised plan for the London terminus at Euston and recommendations for…

The present and future of eddy-current brakes

12 September 2016 | By

The ECUC project (Eddy-CUrrent brake Compatibility) is a three-year collaborative research and development (R&D) project co-funded by the European Commission which aims to show that eddy-current brakes (ECBs) are a highly effective and applicable solution for increasing the braking capacity of new high-speed trains. Moreover, it aims to solve the…

ScotRail operate one of two wheel lathes in Scotland

12 September 2016 | By

National rail provider, ScotRail, operates one of two wheel lathes in Scotland at its Shields Depot in Glasgow. The underfloor lathe allows the train operator to re-profile wheelsets while they are still attached to the train. Willie Miller, ScotRail’s Wheel Lathe and Level 5 Manager, highlights the importance of the…

Digitalisation is progressing at full speed

12 September 2016 | By Volker Schenk, President of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB)

Digitalisation is creating the best rail mobility there has ever been: more climate-friendly, safer, more economical, quieter, and with greater comfort. As Volker Schenk, German Railway Industry Association (VDB), explains, companies in Germany’s railway industry are applying new technologies in pursuit of reaching their digitalisation goals...

High-speed expansion in Turkey shapes the future of travel

10 September 2016 | By

İsa Apaydın, Chairman of the Board and Director General of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), writes that investment is being made in a network of new high-speed and rapid railway lines that will strengthen rail’s position as a safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

The Port of Piraeus – Opportunity for Railways in South East Europe?

8 September 2016 | By Aleksandar Bauranov, transportation engineer and research associate

Aleksandar Bauranov, transportation engineer and research associate, discusses the opportunity of utilising the Port of Piraeus in Greece to cut rail freight times to South East and Central Europe.

High-Speed Rail Developments supplement 2016

6 September 2016 | By

In this High-Speed Rail Developments Supplement, Andrew McNaughton, Chief Engineer & Technical Director of HS2 provides an update of the project; Turkish high-speed expansion is covered by İsa Apaydın, Director General of TCDD; and Ailie MacAdam, Director of HSRIL addresses skills challenges within the industry...

Wheelset Design & Development Supplement 2016

6 September 2016 | By

Key ERWA members discuss the future of wheelset design to improve rolling stock performance; Willie Miller from ScotRail highlights the importance of wheel lathes to ensure the maximum life of a wheelset; and ECUC project coordinator covers development of eddy-current brakes...