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14 July 2016 | By Michael Robson, Managing Director, Robsons' International Railway Consultancy

Michael Robson of Robsons' International Railway Consultancy provides an overview of DESTinationRAIL, a Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers funded by the EU Horizon 2020 initiative.

Life at both ends of the ‘Chunnel’

12 July 2016 | By Eurotunnel

Video: Follow the daily work of two Eurotunnel employees who help provide a vital link for those travelling to and from France and Europe.

The death of the tangerine ticket may not be so smart

7 July 2016 | By Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Global Railway Review

Richard Farmer of BemroseBooth Paragon - a supplier of transport tickets - looks at the future of the tangerine ticket and questions the readiness and speed of a move towards smart ticketing. Global Railway Review puts his comments to ITSO…

Regional rail transport in Germany – organisation and financing

16 June 2016 | By Oliver Mietzsch, Managing Director, ZVNL – Zweckverband für den Nahverkehrsraum Leipzig (Greater Leipzig Area Regional Rail Authority)

Oliver Mietzsch, Managing Director of ZVNL, investigates the organisational structure and financial regulation of regional rail transport in Germany and evaluates its efficacy…