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Rail Articles

Regional rail transport in Germany – organisation and financing

16 June 2016 | By Oliver Mietzsch, Managing Director, ZVNL – Zweckverband für den Nahverkehrsraum Leipzig (Greater Leipzig Area Regional Rail Authority)

Oliver Mietzsch, Managing Director of ZVNL, investigates the organisational structure and financial regulation of regional rail transport in Germany and evaluates its efficacy…

The Northern Hub

2 June 2016 | By Peter Jenkins, Architect Director, BDP

Peter Jenkins, a widely experienced and highly regarded architect director specialising in railway stations, infrastructure and urban design, discusses the architectural importance of the Northern Hub project and how design will help to transform connections in the North of England.

The Smart Freight Train

26 May 2016 | By Rob van Looveren MSc and Peter van Kats MSc

Consultants Rob van Looveren MSc and Peter van Kats MSc discuss the benefits of implementing the Smart Freight Train system, designed to inform train drivers on the technical condition of hauled wagons.

Railway safety, it’s my priority…

25 May 2016 | By François Bellot, Federal Minister for Mobility and Transport, Belgium

Belgium, situated at the heart of the European Union, possessing a very developed economic sector of logistics, is abundantly conscious of the challenges – present and future – of the transport sector. We are often pointed at as Belgium still resides in the top ranks of most congested roads in…

Two new tracks for Belgium’s busiest railway line

25 May 2016 | By Dirk Demuynck

In early-2016 Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, commissioned two new tracks as part of the strategic linkup between Brussels and Denderleeuw. For Global Railway Review, Dirk Demuynck, Director of Build, looks back at the main achievements and challenges of this infrastructure project regarding the railway network and Belgium as…

ProRail… on the right track!

25 May 2016 | By Pier Eringa, President and Chairman, ProRail

ProRail is responsible for the Dutch rail network – the busiest in Europe. The organisation enables 1.1 million train journeys every day and 51 billion tonne-kilometres every year. Currently working on the biggest track renewal project in Dutch history, ProRail experienced an eventful 2015, as President and Chairman Pier Eringa…

HŽ Infrastruktura leading the biggest EU project in Croatia

25 May 2016 | By Renata Suša, President of the Management Board of HŽ Infrastruktura

Croatia became an integral part of the European transport market when it joined the European Union on 1 July 2013, opening up both opportunities and challenges for its railway sector. Croatia initially focused on rebuilding roads but it has recently turned its attention to rail development – especially the modernisation…

South East Europe: Rail financing challenges

25 May 2016 | By Maria Tchakarova, Director of the NRIC

In the development of European transport policies, growing priority is given to railway transportation. This places huge pressure on railway infrastructure managers and EU Member State governments to provide major financing for railway infrastructure projects. This challenge is particularly important for the ‘Cohesion countries’, such as Bulgaria, because in addition…

Positive progress for railways in the Western Balkans

25 May 2016 | By Nedim Begović, Transport Planning Manager at the South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO)

Nedim Begović, Transport Planning Manager at the South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) writes about the latest investments of the Core Regional Transport Network, underlining that although the last three years have seen a positive trend towards rail infrastructure investment, a lot more is still needed to increase the competitiveness…