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Issue 4 2019

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In-Depth Focus: Cyber-Security

31 July 2019 | By

Thanks to advances in digital solutions and innovative technology, our railways are delivering better operational efficiency, reliability and enhanced passenger experience. However, with these advances comes the risk of cyber-threat. How is the industry reacting to challenges around cyber-security?


C-DAS: Connected on-board train energy optimisation

31 July 2019 | By ,

Rail transportation currently faces many challenges. High on the sector’s agenda is reducing rail’s impact on the environment and ensuring trains run more energy-efficiently. Among the several strategies available for reducing rail energy consumption, optimising train operation emerges as a one of the most interesting approaches. Colleagues Pablo Ciáurriz and…


In-Depth Focus: High-Speed Rail

30 July 2019 | By

Although successful high-speed rail services bring a multitude of benefits, various challenges still exist in establishing new networks. However, many believe an optimistic future for high-speed is ahead. This In-Depth Focus explores the success of Italy’s open-access operator, how Australia is delivering its Faster Rail initiative, and a status update…