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Issue 4 2019

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Overcoming and understanding cyber-security challenges

23 October 2019 | By

Famously, Frank Sinatra did it his way, but when Yael Mor joined Israel Railways, she learned that if she wanted to build and incorporate an effective cyber ‘attitude’ for the organisation, she would have to do it the ‘rail’ way. Here she discusses three major cyber-security challenges that she has…


In-Depth Focus: Cyber-Security

31 July 2019 | By

Thanks to advances in digital solutions and innovative technology, our railways are delivering better operational efficiency, reliability and enhanced passenger experience. However, with these advances comes the risk of cyber-threat. How is the industry reacting to challenges around cyber-security?


C-DAS: Connected on-board train energy optimisation

31 July 2019 | By ,

Rail transportation currently faces many challenges. High on the sector’s agenda is reducing rail’s impact on the environment and ensuring trains run more energy-efficiently. Among the several strategies available for reducing rail energy consumption, optimising train operation emerges as a one of the most interesting approaches. Colleagues Pablo Ciáurriz and…


In-Depth Focus: High-Speed Rail

30 July 2019 | By

Although successful high-speed rail services bring a multitude of benefits, various challenges still exist in establishing new networks. However, many believe an optimistic future for high-speed is ahead. This In-Depth Focus explores the success of Italy’s open-access operator, how Australia is delivering its Faster Rail initiative, and a status update…