UK’s largest single passenger information display introduced at London Victoria Station

Posted: 9 November 2020 | | No comments yet

The five metre by 2.5m full-colour LED display is the largest and clearest single passenger information display in the UK.

Largest single passenger information display in UK

Credit: Network Rail

Britain’s largest and clearest single passenger information display has been installed and gone live at London Victoria Station. The giant five metre by 2.5m full-colour LED display is situated above the metro concourse, providing passengers with clearer information than ever before.

The new display allows for more information to be shown and, in addition to regular departures information, it can show platform guidance, safety messages and network disruption information, all in real-time. In the future, the display could be programmed to show animations and videos.

The existing passenger displays relied on similar but older LED technology, which limited display size and the type of information that could be shown. This use of the latest LED technology offers infinite flexibility in terms of colour and presentation of the information displayed to the travelling public.

The new display is part of Network Rail’s ‘Putting Passengers First’ initiative and follows the installation of a similar but slightly smaller display at London Waterloo Station earlier in 2020.

Network Rail, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and Infotec have worked together on the development of the new display over the past year. 

Managing Director for the Southern region at Network Rail, John Halsall, said: “Accurate, real-time and easy-to-understand customer information is critical to passengers’ experience in stations and is key to putting our passengers first. We’re really happy to see the introduction of this new technology at London Victoria which, in its prominent position, will provide passengers with even more useful information to help them make more informed decisions about their journey.”

Angie Doll, Managing Director for Southern and Gatwick Express, said: “We’re delighted to be working closely with Network Rail to continue improving communication for customers at London Victoria Station. We know that timely information is vital for our customers, and this fantastic display provides information with clarity and impact during normal operation and at times of disruption.”

When passengers return following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, they will benefit from the new, larger display which is visible from a greater distance in the station.